NHAI launches mobile app ‘Rajmargyatra’ for national highway users

NHAI launches mobile app ‘Rajmargyatra’ for national highway users: The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has released the “Rajmargyatra” mobile app; it has taken a big step towards improving the experience of highway users.

According to a press statement from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, this user-centered app gives travelers complete information about Indian National Highways and an excellent way to resolve their complaints. Currently, the app is available in both Hindi and English and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Rajmargyatra App

NHAI launches mobile app ‘Rajmargyatra.’

The ‘Rajmargyatra’ app has various helpful features that make traveling by vehicle on the highway smoother. The app is a centralized repository and provides vital information to National Highway users.

It provides real-time weather reports, timely broadcast alerts, and information about local toll plazas, petrol stations, hospitals, hotels, and other important services. This ensures that your National Highways trip is safe and goes smoothly.

The app includes an integrated complaint redressal and escalation system. Users can easily report problems on the highway, and geo-tagged video clips or photos can help explain what’s going on. Complaints that have been registered will be addressed quickly, and if there are any delays, they will be sent automatically to higher officials. The app lets users keep track of how their complaints are being handled.

Rajmargyatra” seamlessly integrates its services with different bank portals. This makes recharging FASTags, buying monthly passes, and using other banking services linked to FASTags easier. All of these services are available on a single platform.

The app has features like alerts when you’re going too fast and voice support to help you drive more safely and responsibly.

The improvements to the “Rajmargyatra” app are meant to make highway driving easier and more organized. The app promises to promote safer and more enjoyable journeys on Indian National Highways by providing comprehensive information, rapid complaint resolution, and integrated services such as FASTag management.

NHAI launches mobile app ‘Rajmargyatra.’

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