Nalgonda District with Mandals & Tourist Places in Telangana State

Nalgonda District with Mandals & Tourist Places in Telangana State: Nalgonda District is a district in Telangana state in India. Nalgonda is derived from 2 Telugu words, Nalla and Konda. Nalla means black, and konda means hills, i.e., Nalgonda means black hills. Nalgonda was earlier known as Neelagiri, but later it was changed to Nalgonda. In the past, the people of Nalgonda were famous for making tools and weapons using stones. Still, we can see some proof of those weapons made by using stones in Nalgonda. In the past, many rulers ruled here with different rules and regulations. Many rivers flow here, like the Krishna, Musi, Aleru, Dindi, Halia, etc. The district’s water is affected mainly by high fluorine content.
Nalgonda District with Mandals

Nalgonda District with Mandals & Tourist Places

Nalgonda District has an area of 7,122 (in square kilometers). It has an elevation of 420 meters (1380 ft). According to the 2011 census, Nalgonda District had a population of 16,31,399. In 2006 the Indian government declared Nalgonda District as one of the 250 backward districts in India. It is one of the 9 districts in Telangana which is currently receiving funds from the Backward Regions Grant Fund Programme (BRGF). Nalgonda District has been divided into 3 revenue divisions and 31 mandals. The district is well connected by railways and road transportation. 1 National and 2 State highways passes through this district. The language spoken here is Telugu, Urdu, and Hindi mainly.

Tourist Places in Nalgonda District

The Most Popular Tourist Destination places in Nalgonda District are Chaya Someswara Temple and Nagarjuna Sagar.

Mandals in Nalgonda District

Below we have listed the 31 Mandals in the Nalgonda District of Telangana State:

Nalgonda Narkatpalli Chityal
Kattangur Nakrekal Kethepalli
Shali Gouraram Thipparthy Kanagal
Chandur Munugode Miryalguda
Vemulapalli Damaracherla Advidevulapally
Nidmanoor Tripuraram
Anumula (Halia) Tirumalagiri(Sagar) Peddavoora
Deverkonda Konda
Gundlapalli Chandampet Neredu
gommu (New)
Nampalli Marriguda Chinthapalli

Nalgonda District with Mandals & Tourist Places

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