Nagarkurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Nagarkurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: On October 11, 2016, a new district called Nagarkurnool was formed in Telangana. Before that, the region was part of the Mahabubnagar District. The four revenue divisions in the new district are Nagarkurnool, Achampet, Kalwakurthy, and Kollapur, with 20 mandals in the district. The town has a long past; it was the district capital when Nizam was in charge. Nagarkurnool is a city in Telangana, India. It serves as the commercial and educational hub for the nearby villages and towns.

Nagarkurnool District with Mandals

Nagarkurnool District Mandals Telangana

More than 500 years have passed since Nagarkurnool was founded. One version of the story says that Nagarkurnool was called after the King’s Nagana and Kandana, who were brothers and ruled the now Nagarkurnool and the areas around it. Nagana named the village Naganool, about 1 km southeast of Nagarkurnool. Nagarkurnool was most of south Telangana’s district headquarters and a major transportation hub approximately 110 or 120 years ago. Farmers who traveled through this area would buy kandena (grease) for their trucks and put it on them. This story says that the town’s name comes from the word “Kandanool,” which means “he who sells kandena.” Over time, “Kandanool” changed to “Kurnool” and then “Nagarkurnool.”

Tourist Places in Nagarkurnool District

The Most Popular Tourist Destination in Nagarkurnool District is Uma Maheswaram & Tank Bund

Mandals in Nagarkurnool District

We have listed all the mandals of Nagarkurnool District in the table below.
Nagarkurnool Mandal Bijinapally Mandal Tadoor Mandal
Thimmajipet Mandal Telkapally Mandal Peddakothapally Mandal
Kollapur Mandal Pentlavelli Mandal Kodair Mandal
Padara Mandal Lingala Mandal Balmoor Mandal
Uppununtala Mandal Achampet Mandal Amrabad Mandal
Kalwakurty Veldanda Mandal Vangoor Mandal
Charakonda Mandal Urkonda Mandal

Nagarkurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places