Mitta Waterfalls , Pittalaguda village in Kumuram Bheem Asifabad District

Mitta Waterfalls, Pittalaguda village in Kumuram Bheem Asifabad District: When it comes to natural beauty, the Saptagundala waterfalls in the village of Pittalaguda in the mandal of Lingalapur are better than the Kuntala and Pochera waterfalls. In fact, it is made up of seven waterfalls, which is why it is called Saptagundala. The Saptagundala waterfalls, also called Mitta waterfalls, are far from civilization. They are 100 km from Asifabad and are tucked between tall hills on one side and dense forests on the other. There are no good roads to get to the beautiful parts of nature.

To get there, you must walk three kilometers over rough, uneven terrain. Ravinder, a tourist from Jainoor, said that once people see how beautiful nature is, they will quickly forget how hard it was to get there by trekking. Pedda Jalapatam is the most important of the seven falls. It looks like the sky has opened up, and a massive stream of milk is coming down beautifully.

Mitta Waterfalls

Mitta Waterfalls

When people watch the waterfall’s magic, they feel a wave of relaxation washes over them. Tourists are so impressed by its beauty that they want to shower under it and can hear the waterfalls’ rhythmic sound.
People forget about their problems and enjoy taking pictures of the beauty of nature, if not a selfie or two.
Water gracefully falls from a great height onto the stone slabs below, entering a valley at least 100 metres below the surface. The natural stone slabs remind us of step-wells used by rulers in the past. The water flows quickly in a stream from where it falls.
Some of the seven waterfalls are Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Bheema Falls. There was an idol of Bheema there. Tribal people honour their god, Bheema, with two fairs every year. They think that Bheema walked around the area, so they think that the stone slabs show where his feet walked.

How to Reach Mitta Waterfalls

By Air:
Nearest Airports: Hyderabad, Nagpur
By Road:
The Mitta Waterfall is 100 kilometers from Asifabad.
 By Train:
Asifabad Road, Sirpur Kagaznagar, is the closest train station.

Mitta Waterfalls , Pittalaguda village in Kumuram Bheem Asifabad

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