Mission Bhagiratha – For Providing Telangana Safe Drinking Water

Mission Bhagiratha – To Provide Telangana Safe Drinking Water: Mission Bhagiratha is a great initiative the Telangana government launched by Shri Narendra Modi Ji in 2016. This scheme is to provide safe drinking water to the people of Telangana. As we know, drinking water is not suitable for drinking in today’s situation. As the water is not pure. So Telangana government has decided to land a pipeline which will provide drinking to all the people of Telangana. The main purpose is to provide 100 liters of water per person in the rural household and 150 liters per person in the urban household. So in our article, Mission Bhagiratha – For Providing Safe Drinking Water to Telangana people, we will give the complete details to you.

Mission Bhagiratha

Mission Bhagiratha

Mission Bhagiratha – For Providing Safe Drinking Water:

Under this Mission Bhagiratha scheme, the government aims to cover 25000 rural and 67 urban habitations across Telangana. This project will have around 45000 water tanks to supply the water. There will be the main pipeline, which will cover around 5000 km, while the secondary pipes will cover around 50000 km. Under this project, water will be fetched from two main rivers, the Krishna and Godavari Rivers. Around 1000 villages suffer from contaminated water problems due to high fluoride content. So, in our article, Mission Bhagiratha – For Providing Safe Drinking Water, we will focus on the full details of this scheme.
* Total Cost for Mission Bhagiratha Safe Water Drinking Scheme: Rs 42,000 crore
* Year of Completion of Mission Bhagiratha Safe Water Drinking Scheme: 2018

Facts of Mission Bhagiratha Safe Water Drinking Scheme:

1)  It was started by the state government of Telangana with the support of the Central Government.
2) This scheme will cover 25000 rural and 67 urban habitations.
3) The Mission Bhagiratha scheme will provide 100 liters in rural areas and 150 liters in urban areas.
4) 34 Million Cubic meters of Water from the Godavari and 21.5 Million Cubic meters of Water from Krishna will be utilized.
5) Largest optical fiber-based broadband network in India.
6) Advanced Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) technology will be utilized.
So, in the Mission Bhagiratha Scheme for safe drinking water, the Telangana government is trying its best to provide pure water to its people. Also, see Mission Bhagiratha—For Providing Safe Drinking Water, Mission Bhagiratha Scheme, Mission Bhagiratha Safe Drinking Water Scheme. The Central government is also helping because this is important for Telangana state. Many people can get some hazardous problems due to contaminated water.Mission Bhagiratha Web and Mobile App were launched by our Hon’ble IT minister K.T.R. You can download the Mission Bhagiratha App on Android and IOS.

Official Website: http://www.missionbhagiratha.telangana.gov.in/

Watch on Youtube
Mission Bhagiratha https://youtu.be/kGWggwEbCK0

Mission Bhagiratha

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