AP Meebhoomi land Records 2024 – FMB Map/Value/Sketch

AP Meebhoomi land Records 2024 – FMB Map/Value/Sketch: The Mee Bhoomi Government of Andhra Pradesh has launched a new revenue website, which can be accessed by the general public atwww.meebhoomi.ap.gov.in. The portal’s purpose is to offer land information in all of the districts, villages, and mandals ofAndhra Pradesh. They can obtain information regarding their lands, such as Adangal, Village Adangal, 1 B, and more from this location.

People can verify and receive land records and related certificates through Mee Bhoomi. The Mee Bhoomi user must submit their survey number/account number/Pattadar Passbook number and Aadhaar Number to get details of land sent to their computers and phones.

This website can be viewed on desktop computers and smartphones. Users can also report any problems they see in the records. If you discover any errors in the particulars, the relevant revenue department has 45 days to rectify the situation.

Services provided by theAP Meebhoomi websitewere:
  1. AP 1B land records
  2. Land records Aadhaar Card linkages
  3. Electronic passbooks
  4. Crop types grew in land Meebhoomi Adangal Survey
  5. Survey number
  6. Patta Names
  7. Pattadar Passbook Statistics
  8. Mee Seva and Meebhoomi issue a report
  9. AP FMB (field measurement book)
  10. Village land records List
AP Land Records

AP Land Records

Steps to check the land records online:

1)  Visit the Official Website of AP Meebhoomi: Url ( http://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/ )

ap land records
2) Select “Adangal”. Then, in the drop-down menu, you will see “Mee Adangal” and “Grama Adangal.” Select “Mee Adangal”, which is shown in the below screenshot.

ap land records

3)After Clicking on “Mee Adangal”, then the page will redirect to “survey page” you can select any one of these options.

1) సర్వే నెంబరు
2) ఖాతా నెంబర్
3) ఆధార్ నెంబర్
4) పట్టాదారుని పేరు

4)Select below drop-down forms of  జిల్లా పేరు*, మండలం పేరు*, గ్రామము పేరు*, సర్వే నెంబరు*. After filling out these details, you should enter the code and click on submit button.
(below is a screenshot)

ap land records

5) You will get a pop-up screen After clicking the “Submit” button. In that, you will get land record details. Here is a screenshot.

ap land records

What is the Field Measurement Book (FMB) of a plot?

A digitally signed measuring record called the Field Measurement Book (FMB) of land contains a more detailed plot map and other measurements. In Andhra Pradesh, you can access and download the FMB statistics online.

How to download the FMB Map Online in Andhra Pradesh

1)  Visit the Official Website of AP Meebhoomi: Url ( http://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/ )

ap land records
2) Select “FMB” from the menu option. Which is shown in the below screenshot.

3) It redirects to the FMB Page. You need to select all the required details like District Name *, Zone Name *, Village Name *, and Survey Number, enter the code and click on the button. 
Download FMB Map 5) 4) It opens the FMB Map in a new tab. Just download from it.

Here is the video in that we provided the complete information to check land records.

AP Meebhoomi land Records 2024s