Madhya Pradesh Property Tax Payment Online & Offline Process

Madhya Pradesh Property Tax Payment Online & Offline Process: Property tax is an important way for the government to get money to spend on improving the environment and building new things. The Madhya Pradesh Property Tax is a residential and commercial property owners tax. As cities grow, the need for better infrastructure also grows.

So, people are asked to pay their MP Property Tax on time to help the government with local municipal duties. On the other hand, if someone is caught not paying their Property Tax in the state, a penalty will be added to their amount.

Madhya Pradesh Property Tax Payment

We discussed the simple procedure for clearing your MP Property Tax debt online through the official website,, and we will give the detailed procedure for your convenience.

Steps to Pay MP Property Tax Online

1) Visit the MP eNagar Palika website at :

MP eNagar Palika

2) In the menu section under “Quick Services”, click on “Property Tax Payment”.
3) It redirects to the “Property Tax Services” page. There you need to enter your property ID and click on submit button.
4) Suppose you forgot the Property ID; then you can click “Click Here to Search your Property ID” to retrieve your Property ID.
5) Then, a new tab will open, where you need to enter all the required details and click on “Search Property.” The list will display at the bottom; there, the property ID will be shown in your name. Copy your property ID. Paste it and click on the “Submit” button.
6) Then, it opens a new tab. Your property tax details will appear on the screen.

7) Check your details. If it’s correct, click the “Pay Online” button. It redirects the payment gateway.

8) Use your credentials to finish your payment. Once the property tax payment is confirmed, you’ll get a receipt number on your phone or email to show that you’ve paid the MP Property Tax for your residential or commercial property.

Steps to Pay MP Property Tax Offline

Here are the below steps to Pay Property Tax Offline in Madhya Pradesh State:
1) Find the nearest municipal office in your area.

2) You can also pay the MP state property tax at any time at the bank.

3) Give your property’s ID number and your name and address.

4) All done! Give your amount to the proper officer, and your Indore Property Tax will be accepted here even though it was paid offline. You can use the receipt to prove you paid the Indore Property Tax.

Madhya Pradesh Property Tax Payment Online & Offline Process