Loan Number (Talktime), USSD Codes, & Net Codes for Many Networks

Loan Number (Talktime) & Net Codes for Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance and Telenor 2017: As of nowadays mobiles and phones have become one of the needs of people. As without phone, we can say half of the work will be undone.  So people now have to use that phone for their benefit only and they cannot leave it now. So they must have the knowledge of all these loan numbers, Talktime number, Net Codes, USSD Codes, and other important codes and numbers. So here in our article Loan Number (Talktime) & Net Codes for Airtel Idea, BSNL, and Other Networks, we will tell you all about these codes and numbers. As these numbers will help people in some emergency condition and they can get some emergency talk time and pay later.

Loan Number (Talktime), USSD Codes, & Net Codes for Many Networks

Loan Number (Talktime) & Net Codes for Airtel, Idea, BSNL, and Other Company:

Sometimes this thing happens that you don’t get time to put the balance on the phone. And in an emergency, you need to call some someone times. So at that time you can use this information to get some emergency balance and can pay later. In our article, Loan Number (Talktime) & Net Codes for Airtel, Idea, BSNL, and Other networks we will tell all these numbers and use it in that time. Also, sometimes this will save some time. Many people don’t know these USSD codes and here we will give you the full information about these numbers and codes. All the information like internet balance, check mobile number, emergency talk time, etc will be there to help you with all the emergency numbers.

List of USSD Codes and Numbers for Net Code and Talktime:

Airtel USSD Codes, Airtel Internet Code, Talktime Code for Airtel, Vodafone USSD Codes, Vodafone Internet Code, Talktime Code for Vodafone, Idea USSD Codes, Idea Internet Code, Talktime Code for Idea, BSNL USSD Codes, BSNL Internet Code, Talktime Code for BSNL, Docomo USSD Codes, Docomo Internet Code, Talktime Code for Docomo, Jio USSD Codes, Jio Internet Code, Talktime Code for Jio, Telenor USSD Codes, Telenor Internet Code, Talktime Code for Telenor. Also, we will tell you the emergency numbers of the other companies. Also, you can transfer the balance to your friends and relatives. Use these USSD codes.

1)Airtel Loan Number or Airtel Loan Code: *141*10# (Talktime Loan)
2)Airtel Internet Loan Number or Airtel Internet MB Loan Code: *141*567# (Airtel Internet MB Loan)
3)Vodafone Loan Number or Vodafone Loan Code: SMS CREDIT to 144 Or *111*10#
4)Vodafone Internet Loan Number or Vodafone Internet MB Loan Code: SMS ICREDIT to 144
5)Idea Loan Number or Idea Loan Code: *150*10# Or *150*20#
6)Idea Internet Loan Number Or Idea Internet Loan Code (Take MB Loan in Idea): *150*06# Or *150*333#
7)Aircel Loan Number or Aircel Loan Code: *414# Or SMS LOAN to 55414
8)Reliance Loan Number or Reliance Loan Code: *141*5# Or *141*10#
9)BSNL Loan Number or BSNL Loan Code: SMS CREDIT to 53738