Live Train Running Status | Online Train Status – Spot Your Train

Live Train Running Status | Online Train Status – Spot Your Train: Live Train Running Status Online Check the train running status to track the real time status with arrival and departure timings of the train. You will know precisely when your train is arriving at a particular station. It shows the current train running position and saves you time. We have shared here the best way to check your running train status. Also, find the guidelines to check the status of the train without any hassle. This online way to track train status will inform you if your train runs on time. You can follow it from anywhere if you have internet access.

Live Train Running Status

Live Train Running Status

Indian Railways is one of the largest utility employers in the world. Millions of passengers are traveling across the country by rail. With improvisation, passengers can now check the train’s running status. With this facility, lakhs of passengers can check the train’s current running position or status. Train running position or status is available online at every station. You can find out the exact time of arrival of your train at any station. No more hassles of calling railway inquiry numbers.

How to Check Train Running Status Online

Indian Railways provides a service called’ spot your train’ at the National Train Enquiry System portal. This feature is known as ‘train running status. ‘ Below are all instructions for spotting your train at the national train inquiry website.
1) Visit the site of NTES:
Live Train Running Status
2) Enter the train number in the given box. You may also enter the train’s name if you do not know the number.
3) You can get this information from your ticket.
4) After entering details, click on the “Find” button.
5) You will see the train running status instantly on the screen.
6) This facility works on a GPS locator basis. You will see the train’s live status, updated in real time.

Get Live Train Running Status by SMS

You can also track the train’s running position without using the internet. Passengers have to send an SMS to the railway enquiry no. The format is given here:
Send an SMS to the railway enquiry no. 139
Type AD and the train number and train code of the status to find out the train’s running status. You will receive all information on your mobile by SMS.
Besides train running status, the National Train Enquiry System offers many other online facilities. Passengers can also enjoy these benefits in this system:
1) Live station – Know all trains running from a station within hours as specified by you.
2) Train between status – Know a list of all the trains between any two stations.
3) Train schedules – timings of all the trains
4) Train Cancelled – list of all the canceled trains with timings and station details.
5) Rescheduled trains – Updated timings of the rains
6) Diverted trains – list of all diverted trains with station details.
7) IR train tracker
The facility of knowing train running status saves us from many hassles and waste of time. Imagine dialing the railway inquiry numbers for a long time to determine the train’s position.

Train Running Status on Mobile

Railways make traveling easier with online facilities. The Centre for Railway Information launched the NTES portal. Users wanting to track the running train status can download the NTES official mobile app from the Play Store.
This Android app is the official Indian railway app that allows passengers to track the train on their phones.
The National Train Enquiry System also allows checking PNR status inquiries. You can also check the train’s availability, seat, and berth. This useful portal also provides details of special and heritage trains.
There are many independent apps and tools available to track train running status. However, the official NTES portal is the best one to use. Checking the running train status on this portal ensures that the information is authentic. Moreover, the information on this official website is updated real time. So, you need not worry about the validity of the information you receive. Wish you all a happy journey with the train running status service. You can also visit us whenever you need to check the PNR and live train status.

Live Train Running Status