How To Link Your CGHS Beneficiary ID With Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID

How To Link Your CGHS Beneficiary ID With Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID: The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare notification says that starting April 1, the beneficiary ID for the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) must be linked with the beneficiary ID for the Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA). According to the order, all the beneficiaries must link their CGHS beneficiary IDs with their ABHA IDs within 30 days. The connecting process will begin on April 1, 2024, but the limit is April 30, 2024. It was decided that the digital health records of people who get CGHS should be saved, and digital health accounts should be made for them. Link CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID: Read the whole post to learn everything you need.

Link CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID 2024

Government hospitals or facilities typically generate an ID using your name to preserve medical information. However, these IDs and medical records remain accessible only within that specific hospital or center. A unique ID is generated each time you visit a new hospital, wellness center, or program. Your responsibility as a patient is to manage and retain the various IDs and paperwork, ensuring you always have them with you. Nevertheless, each hospital or wellness facility must maintain and create a separate record of your health.

The national government introduced the Ayushman Bharat Health Account to streamline the process and alleviate the burden on hospitals and patients. This single account can be utilized across all government schemes and hospitals. Each Ayushman Bharat Health Account card features a 14-digit ABHA ID number. Importantly, an ABHA number can be obtained at no cost.

Benefits of CGHS ID Link with ABHA ID

Here are the key benefits of linking CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID:

1) ABHA can digitally store and access your medical records online.
2) Accessing and sharing digital health records becomes more accessible with an ABHA number.
3) Having a single health ID for each citizen maximizes the benefits of the healthcare system, ensuring optimal utilization and effectiveness across the system.
4) The digitized process relieves Central government employees from the burden of maintaining physical records of their medical treatments.
5) Using your unique ID, Your ABHA account allows you to store documents such as prescriptions, diagnostic reports, and discharge summaries.

Steps to Link CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID

To link your CGHS Beneficiary ID with your ABHA ID, follow these steps:

1) Visit the official website of the Central Government Health Scheme, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare:
CGHS Beneficiary ID

2) Once on the homepage, navigate to the Beneficiaries tab and click on Beneficiaries Login.
3) You’ll be directed to a new page. Enter your beneficiary ID, password, and captcha code, then click Sign In.
4) Click the Update option to create or link your ABHA ID.
5) Ensure all family members are mapped when the primary cardholder logs in using the Beneficiary login if you’re creating an ABHA ID for them.
6. Select “I don’t have an ABHA number.”
7) Enter your Aadhaar number and proceed.
8) Input the OTP sent to your registered mobile number linked with Aadhaar, then click Verify OTP.
9) Check the ‘Link Status‘ option. If the details match, you can print the ABHA card by selecting “print ABHA card.”

Link Your CGHS Beneficiary ID With Ayushman Bharat Health Account ID