LIC Whats App services: How to Check LIC Policy Status, Premium, Bonus and Many More

LIC Whats App services: How to Check LIC  Policy Status, Premium, Bonus, and Many More –  Whats App is becoming increasingly popular as a way to talk. WhatsApp isn’t just used for personal chats anymore. More and more companies are using it as an official channel, and the government is slowly getting into the communication space to make services run more smoothly. Now, the Life Insurance Corporation has also started offering services on WhatsApp. Registered policyholders can use these services to talk to the insurance company more efficiently.

LIC WhatsApp services

LIC Whats App services

Policyholders can quickly get services like premium statements, ULIP plan statements, and more from the comfort of their homes by using the WhatsApp chat box.

Life Insurance Corporation also told customers that they could only use the service if they registered their policy online. Anyone who wants to use the service must go to the LIC website and register their insurance policy online.

Steps to use LIC Whats App services

1) Save the official LIC WhatsApp number, which is 8976862090

2) Say “Hi” in the chat box of LIC India

3) LIC WhatsApp will automatically send you a list of 11 options.

4) Choose the one you prefer.

5) The information you need will be sent by LIC WhatsApp.

6) LIC customers only have to do these things after registering their policy online at the LIC website.

Steps to get LIC Policy registered online

1) Go to, the Life Corporation of India website.
2) Click on the “Customer Portal” link now
3) If you are a new user, click the “New User” button ” and fill in all the needed information
4) Choose your User ID and password and submit the details.
5) Use your login credentials to sign in to the online portal.
6) Now, click “Add Services” under “Basic Services.”
7) Fill out the required fields, and your policy will be registered.

LIC WhatsApp Services Official Link: Click Here