How to get LIC Policy premium paid receipt for Income Tax Filing

How to get LIC Policy premium paid receipt for Income Tax filing: Steps to organize your Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) statements for filing Income Tax Returns. This will enable you to claim tax benefits for the amount invested or premium paid for the policy.

As a taxpayer, you often require various documents to file your tax returns. One such document is your life insurance policy premium statement.If you have an LIC insurance policy, you likely pay your premiums either online (via electronic clearing service or ECS) or offline at designated cash counters. To file your tax returns, you will need to provide your LIC policy premium statement for the current financial year.

How to Get LIC Policy Premium Receipts:

Customers who have made premium payments online through the website will receive their premium paid receipt automatically on their registered email address shortly after. These online receipts serve as valid proof of premium payment and can be used for income tax filing purposes. However, for customers who have opted for Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) as their premium payment mode, premiums are automatically deducted from their bank account when due, and no premium receipt is generated or sent in such cases.

All LIC customers with an account on LIC’s official website and who have registered their policy online can generate premium statement receipts whenever necessary. Below is the process to generate a consolidated premium payment receipt for your LIC insurance policy.

 1) Go to the LIC login page at
LIC login page

2) Enter your account username and password when prompted, along with answering a verification question. This will redirect you to the home page of your LIC online account.
3) On the homepage, navigate to the menu on the left side and find the tab labeled ‘Self Polices.’
4) Click on the ‘Self Policies‘ tab, and It redirects to another page. On the left side, click on the “Policy Premium Paid Statement” tab.
5) It redirects to the “Policy Premium Paid Statement” page. Your premium paid statement will open in a new window. Select the year from the top, select your policy, and click on the “Generate Statement” button. You can then download, save, or print the statement for your reference.

LIC Policy premium paid receipt for Income Tax Filing