LIC Merchant Portal Registration 2024 – Login & Password Recovery

LIC Merchant Portal Registration 2024 – Login & Password Recovery: The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has developed the LIC Merchant Portal. The portal is intended to make paying premiums as simple as possible. Individuals will be able to pay their premiums using the portal. LIC merchants are those the LIC authorizes to collect premiums on its behalf. LIC is a public sector life insurance corporation with a large customer base nationwide. Every duty related to premium collecting is completed online on the Merchant portal. This online platform is also used by merchants to see and change information.

LIC Merchant Portal 2024

This new platform will be capable of establishing and maintaining solid customer relationships. The task will be completed online with the assistance of this portal. An individual must log in to access the portal. This is the gateway where premiums are collected. Unique usernames, passwords, and login credentials are required for LIC merchants. Merchants can use the site to check for updates and change their policies. They can also get client information online rather than contact or visit the offices. These merchants will serve as a conduit between LIC policyholders and the corporation. The site will include information about the company, consumers, and merchants.

The Objective of the LIC Merchant Portal

The primary goal of the LIC Merchant Portal is to provide a safe and accessible way for LIC merchants to collect premiums on behalf of the LIC. It will allow for collection from policyholders.

Benefits Of LIC Merchant Portal

1) It will make it easier for merchants to track transactions and manage accounts.
2) The gateway will make the premium collection procedure more efficient.
3) Payments can be processed more easily using an online platform.
4) The LIC Merchant Portal will decrease the need for manual payment processing.
5) The platform will help the LIC maintain positive customer relationships.
6) The online platform employs a secure payment gateway to protect customers’ data.
7) The site maintains transparency with its customers.

Lic Merchant Portal Registration

To successfully register on the Lic Merchant Portal, follow the steps provided below to complete the registration process.

1) Visit the official Lic Merchant Portal website at
2) On the homepage, click on the customer portal button.
3) Choose “New User” to initiate the registration process.
4) Complete the application form by providing essential details.
5) Add pertinent information such as policy number, monthly installment plan, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, etc.
6) Click the “Submit” button located below the form.
7) Your registration process is now complete.

Steps to Login LIC Merchant Portal

To begin, bookmark the LIC Merchant Portal official website and ensure it is not as the address changes.

1) First, go to, the official merchant login website.

2) Enter your Username and Password in the appropriate fields on the portal.

3) To proceed, please solve the captcha and enter the correct answer into the area provided.

4) To log in, review all of the fields you filled out and click the Submit button.

Steps to Recover Forgot LIC Merchant Profile Password

If you are logging in to the LIC Merchant Portal after a long inactivity and have forgotten your Username or Password? Don’t worry; here’s a step-by-step instruction for resetting your Login Password.

1) Click the Forgot Password link to reset your LIC Merchant Account Password.

2) You will see a page with the title Forgot Password, and it will ask you for the User ID and Email ID associated with your Account.

3) Enter your User ID and Email Address, then click the Mail New Password Button to obtain a new password to your registered email address.

4) You will now be given a system-provided password that is difficult to remember; to reset that password to your own generated password, complete the steps outlined below.

Steps to Change LIC Merchant Account Password

If you obtained a new password from the LIC Portal and it is difficult to remember, or you believe your old password is weak, you can change your LIC Merchant Account password to a new Strong Password by following the procedures below.
1) First, click on “Change Password.” This will take you to a page where you can change your password.
2) Under “Change Password,” it will ask for your User ID, current password, and new password.
3) Enter all requested information and then click the Reset Button. A Success message will appear, indicating your Password has been successfully updated.

Steps to Change the Email ID of Your Merchant Portal

Sometimes, we do not receive OTP on email for logging in to the LIC Merchant Portal. To overcome this mistake, you must Update your Email Address in the Merchant Portal by following the below instructions.
1) To begin, click the “Update Email ID to get OTP” option to update your Merchant Account Email ID.
2) Then you’ll see a new window with the heading Update Email ID, where you’ll be asked for your User ID, Password, and New Email ID (which must be in the Agency master database.)
3) When creating an account with LIC, you must provide a genuine email address. Then click the Update Button and wait for the success message to appear.

Frequently Asked Questions:

A LIC Merchant is a private vendor approved by LIC to supply LIC Services in a certain geographic area. LIC Merchants can collect LIC premiums, assist policyholders, provide bill invoices, assist the LIC Cashier with pending bills, and so on.

The LIC Merchant Portal is intended to help LIC Merchants handle tasks and money. This Portal assists LIC Merchants in collecting payments, maintaining records, and generating invoices and bills for LIC policyholders.

LIC Merchant Portal Registration 2024