Kurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh State

Kurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Andhra Pradesh State: This district gets its name from its main city, Kurnool, which was the capital of the Nawabs and, later, of Andhra Pradesh State from October 1, 1953, to November 1, 1956. It is also the center of the district right now. “Kandanavolu” is thought to be where the name Kurnool came from.

The Kurnool District is located between 140°54′ and 160°18′ in the north and 760°58′ and 790°34′ in the east. Different parts of the area are 100 feet or more above mean sea level. The Tungabhadra and Krishna rivers and the Mahabubnagar district of Telangana State are north of this district. Kadapa and Anantapur Districts are to the south, Bellary District of Karnataka State is to the west, and Prakasam District is to the east. Having 40,53,463 people, or 4.63% of the state’s total population, the district is ranked 10th in population. It is also ranked 3rd in area, with 17658 square kilometres, or 6.41% of the state’s total area.

Kurnool District


Kurnool District has 3 Revenue Divisions, 26 Revenue Mandals, 1 Municipal Corporation, 4 Municipalities, 4 Nagara Panchyats, 889 Gram Panchayats, and 921 Revenue Villages.


Mandals in Kurnool District

Below is the list of mandals in Kurnool District :


Adoni Gonegandla Holagonda
Kosigi Kowthalam Mantralayam
Nandavaram Peddakadubur Yemmiganur
Alur Aspari Chippagiri
Devanakonda Halaharvi Maddikera
Pattikonda Tuggali Krishnagiri
C Belagal Gudur Kallur
Kodumur Kurnool Orvakal
Veldurthi Kurnool Urban

Tourist Places in Kurnool District

The most popular tourist destination in Kurnool District is Srisailam.


Kurnool District with Mandals and Tourist Places