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Kunthala Waterfalls in Adilabad District – How to Reach & Timings: A stunning waterfall in Telangana’s Adilabad district is around 261 kilometres from Hyderabad. After arriving at Nirmal, you will have to traverse a 10-kilometer stretch of ghat road, which will take you through a lush forest. This path is a must-try if you enjoy long and adventurous rides.

Kunthala Waterfalls in Adilabad

Kunthala Waterfalls in Adilabad District

After around 30 kilometres, you will arrive in the settlement of Neredikonda. Just after this village, take a right onto a narrow road that leads to your destination. There is no signage directing visitors to the waterfalls. Therefore, caution is advised. After around 10 kilometres of driving straight through lush green fields and impenetrable woodland, your eyes will be opened to heaven on earth. The location is hidden from the outside world and offers the best of nature. It has valleys, lush forest, and chattering birds. After entering the area, you must walk around half a kilometer to a location where you will find a sequence of 408 steps leading down to the waterfalls. 408! However, with some work, you may be able to mend your heart. Then you stare at the magnificent waterfalls. There are simply not enough words to express this unspoiled beauty. You can add adventure by trekking through large rocks to reach the waterfalls’ footsteps. From a height of 200 feet, the water gushes through rocks, carving its own route, and breaks into several streams. While there are numerous picturesque waterfalls, this one is impressive and easily accessible. Climbing further to reach the top of the falls may appear to be an excellent plan, but it is too steep and risky.

How to reach Kunthala Waterfalls

Kuntala waterfalls are accessible by road, approximately 270 kilometers from Hyderabad and 42 kilometers from Nirmal town.

Kunthala Waterfalls Timings

Timing: 9 AM to 5 PM. Best Time to Visit: September to December

Where to Stay

In Nirmal or Nizamabad, there are hotels where travelers can stay.

Kunthala Waterfalls in Adilabad District