Krishnagiri district With Talukas in Tamil Nadu State

Krishnagiri district With Talukas: Krishnagiri district is a district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. This is a new district which was carved out
from Dharmapuri District by 2004. The municipal town of Krishnagiri is the district headquarters. In Tamil Nadu, e-
Governance was first introduced at Krishnagiri district under the National e-Governance Project (NEGP) in revenue and social welfare departments on a pilot basis. The district is one of the largest producers of mangoes in India. Krishna refers to ‘black’ and giri refers to ‘hill’. The area contains many granite hillocks, hence the name Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri district was formed as the 30th district of Tamil Nadu on February 9, 2004. Krishnagiri District was formed by carving out five taluks and ten blocks of the erstwhile Dharmapuri district.
Krishnagiri district covers an area of 5143 kmĀ². Krishnagiri district is bound by Vellore and  Thiruvannamalai  districts to the east, state of Karnataka to the west, the state of AndhraPradesh to the north and Dharmapuri District to the south. This district is elevated from 300m to 1400m above the mean sea level.

Krishnagiri district

According to the 2011 census, Krishnagiri district had a population of 1,879,809 with a sex-ratio of 963 females for
every 1,000 males. The average literacy of the district was 63.2%. Tamil is the official and majorly spoken
language. Hinduism is the major religion, followed by Islam and Christian minorities. It basically has a mountainous
terrain. The flatlands are irrigated by the South Pennar River. The eastern part of the district experiences a hot climate and the western part contrastingly has a pleasant climate. The important crops of Krishnagiri District are paddy, maize, ragi,banana, sugarcane, cotton, tamarind, coconut, mango, groundnut, vegetables and flowers. The district has an excellent scope for agri-business. Krishnagiri district is famous for mangoes, and for the granite industry with quarries and processing units spread around the district. With a 40% share, the district is the top producer of ragi in Tamil Nadu. Hosur, one of the most industrialized places in the state, is located in

Talukas in Krishnagiri district

Krishnagiri Bargur
Pochampalli Uthangarai