Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme – Application Form , Benefits & Eligibility

Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme – How to Apply, Benefits, Eligibility and Documents required: Going out regularly for a diabetic checkup is a hard process especially for aged people from the BPL category. To help out the senior citizens coming from the BPL category, the government of Kerala has launched Vayomadhuram scheme which aims to distribute blood glucose to 1000 eligible people in a district

Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme – Application Form, Benefits & Eligibility

Senior citizens have a higher chance of getting diabetes and with the Vayomadhuram scheme it is easy for aged people who have diabetes but do not have a financial situation to visit a doctor every week for a checkup can avail the glucometer offered by Kerala to measure the glucose level to check their sugar or diabetes with it

Application Form PDF

To apply for the Kerala Vayomadhuram In the applicant or a person on behalf the applicant needs to complete the application process online by downloading the online application form and should fill it manually. The application form can either be availed at the Social Justice department office or on its online web portal services. 


Make sure to fill and submit the form with all the required documents and don’t submit any false certificates or documents as there will be a background check carried.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Vayomadhuram Glucometer Scheme

Applicants meeting the eligibility criteria mentioned will only be eligible for Kerala Vayomadhuram Glucometer Scheme. The eligibility criteria for Kerala vayomadhuram scheme is

  1. Applicant must be a permanent resident of the Kerala state.

  2. He/she must be a senior citizen having age above 60 years.
  3. Applicant must be suffering from diabetes and a certificate from an authorized doctor is mandatory.
  4. Priority will be based on the age of the person.
  5. The applicant must belong to the below poverty line (BPL) category.

Documents required for Free Glucometer Scheme 2020 in Kerala

The list of documents required for Free Glucometer Scheme is,

  1. The applicant has to submit a copy of the Aadhar card as age proof.
  2. Medical certificate issued by Govt./NRHM Doctor certifying that the applicant is suffering from diabetes.
  3. Self-attested copy of BPL ration card / Copy of BPL certificate issued from Panchayath/Municipality/Corporation / BPL Income certificate from the concerned Village office.
  4. Self-attested copy of BPL ration card / Copy of BPL certificate issued from Panchayath/Municipality/Corporation / BPL Income certificate from the concerned Village office.
  5. The completed application form along with the mentioned supporting documents must be submitted in person to the concerned district social justice officer.

Key Highlights of the Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme

There are many more key highlights of the Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme and some of them are 

  1. The new scheme offers the benefit of Free monitoring kits and each kit has over 25 testing strips for the patients along with 1 set of Glucometer.
  2. The new scheme aims to offer the kit for a much lower price range and for free to the selected groups of beneficiaries.
  3. The patients can perform a self test using the provided kit by the state government at the comfort of their home.
  4. The state government aims to procure the testing kits for the beneficiaries.


The Kerala Vayomadhuram Scheme is definitely helping the aged fight with diabetes and for people coming from BPL categories. Apply for the scheme with all the documents and get the Glucometer.