KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration

KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration: On the occasion of Telangana formation day, the chief minister of Telangana has launched a new scheme for pregnant women and newborn babies. The main objective of the KCR Kit Scheme is to reduce Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Mother Mortality Rate (MMR) in Telangana state. Under the KCR Kit Scheme, pregnant women will be given Rs 12000 for their care in three phases, with an additional Rs 1000 if any baby girl is born. On 4th June 2017, it came into action, and registration was started on its official website. In our article, KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration, we will tell you about this new scheme and other details.
KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women

KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women

KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration:

Under the KCR Kit scheme, the Telangana government has decided to spend an amount of Rs 600 crores for pregnant women and their newborn children. Also, under the KCR Kit Scheme, the government will provide around 20 items to the mother worth Rs 2000, including baby soaps, mosquito nets, toys, etc. Our article will tell you about this KCR Kit Scheme and its other details. Many women do not have that much to take care of themselves and their children. They should take some healthy and nutritious food to keep the child healthy and themselves also. So under this KCR Kit scheme, they will get all benefits for their upcoming child.

Amount to be Given Under KCR Kit Scheme in Telangana:

* Mother of the girl child will get Rs 13000 /- for the birth of their child.
* Mother of the boy child will get Rs 12000 /- for the birth of their child.
* Only women who give birth to their baby in government hospitals can take benefit of this KCR Kit Scheme for a maximum of two deliveries.

KCR Kit Scheme Installment Money in Telangana:

* First instalment will be Rs 3000 /- after two health check-ups during pregnancy to buy nutritious food.
* Again, the next instalment will be given after delivery to pregnant women with the KCR Kit. In the case of a girl, the child’s mother will get Rs 5000 /- at that time, and in the case of a boy child’s mother will be given a number of Rs 4000 /-.
* The third and fourth instalments will be given after 3 months and 9 months of the baby’s birth, respectively. The amount will be Rs 2000 on the 3rd and Rs 3000 on the 4th.

List of Items Provided to Pregnant Women in Telangana:

* Special Mother and Child care soap,
* Newborn Baby bed,
* Baby Oil,
* Baby mosquitos net,
* Sarees for mother,
* Hand Bags,
* Towel & Napkins,
* Dresses for mother and baby,
* Baby Powder,
* Diapers,
* Baby Shampoo,
* Kid Toys and some other useful items.

How to Apply for Online Registration for KCR Kit Schemes in Telangana:

* Go to the official website of KCR KIT.
* First of all, log in to the website.


* If you don’t have an account, just register and log in.
* Enter your name and other details with the government hospital name.
* Submit, and your registration is done.

Objectives of KCR KIT Scheme in Telangana for Pregnant Women:

* KCR KIT scheme’s main objective is to reduce the mortality rate of both mother and child.
* To help those women who are not financially stable or sound.
* To help the mother and child by providing some essential and useful items.
* To provide a healthy and clean environment to the child and their mother.

This is all from the KCR KIT scheme. Also, see KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration, KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana, KCR Kit Scheme.

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KCR Kit Scheme for Pregnant Women in Telangana Online Registration