Kamareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Kamareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: Kamareddy District got its name from the ruler of Domakonda Fort, Chinna Kamireddy, who governed the area from AD 1600 to 1640. Previously known as Koduru, this village was where Kishtamma Gudi stands today. In the Harijanwada area, there was a temple called Koduru Hanmandla Gudi, the oldest temple in the history of Kamareddy. In addition to this temple, three other temples prove Kamareddy’s historical significance: Kishtammagudi, Venu Gopala Swamy Gudi, and Vittaleshwara Alayam. During the Kakathiya Dynasty, Kamareddy was ruled by Kakarthya Gundana, as evidenced by the Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple in Banda Rameshwar Pally village of Machareddy Mandal.
Kamareddy District with Mandals

Kamareddy District

This district has a rich history of contributing to the freedom struggle and social work in the nation. The people of Kamareddy bravely fought against the Razakars, who were armed and supported by Nizam’s government, during the merger of Telangana with the Indian Union. The leaders of Kamareddy actively participated in the Quit India Movement launched by the Indian National Congress under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, along with the rest of Telangana.
Kamareddy District was carved out of the residual district of Nizamabad and was formed on October 11, 2016, with three revenue divisions: Kamareddy, Banswada, and Yellareddy, and 22 mandals, including one municipality, Kamareddy. Rajampet, Bibipet, Ramareddy, Peddakodapgal, and Nasrullabad were formed as new mandals in addition to the existing 17 mandals.
Geographically, Kamareddy District is bordered by Nizamabad District to the north, Rajanna Siricilla District and Siddipet District to the east, Medak District to the south, and Nanded District of Maharashtra State and Bidar District of Karnataka State to the west. The district spans an area of 3,652 square kilometres, between 18°19′-07″ latitude and 78°20′-37″ longitude.

Tourist Places in Kamareddy District

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Kamareddy District in Telangana State are Kowlas Yellamma Temple, Mini Tank Bund Kalki Cheruvu, Santhana Venugopala Swamy Temple, Sri Raja Rajeshwara Swamy Temple, Trilinga Rameshwara Temple, Sri Somalingeswara Swamy Temple, Sri Siddharameshwara Swamy Temple,Tirumala Venkateswara Swamy Temple and many more.

Mandals in Kamareddy District

Kamareddy District has 22 mandals. We have listed all the mandals of Kamareddy District.
Kamareddy Bhiknoor Tadwai
Rajampet Domakonda Bibipet
Machareddy Sadashivanagar Ramareddy
Banswada Birkur Nasrullabad
Bichkunda Jukkal Pitlam
Pedda Kodapgal Madnoor Nizamsagar
Yellareddy Nagireddypet Lingampet

Kamareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places

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