epm.jk.gov.in – JK EPM Portal Login, Registration, Benefits

epm.jk.gov.in – JK EPM Portal Login, Registration, Benefits: Jammu and Kashmir’s government has started a new portal for employees and officers. This portal’s main aim is to keep track of their monthly work performance and how their Reporting/Controlling Officers rated them. On the one hand, the goal is to give govt employees a way to evaluate themselves and, on the other, to give higher-ups an easy way to keep an eye on things and better manage human resources. In this article, we will provide the complete steps like Login, Registration and Benefits of this portal.

JK EPM Portal Overview

Employee performance reviews can now be done regularly with the help of a website by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. With this platform, the government can track how well government workers and officers in Jammu and Kashmir are doing their jobs. Also, the portal can only be used by people who work for the Jammu and Kashmir state government or are officers of that government. We want to make it possible for workers to do their own evaluations and give managers an easy-to-use tool they can use to track employee performance and manage human resources more effectively. The employees have to create an account and then use the credentials they were given to log in to the portal.

The user must also download the SANDES Mobile app from the Play store. Just type in the name of the app and click “download.” The portal also lets staff check the status of their reports and keep an eye on the information. If their bosses can look at how hard they work online, they will put more effort.

JK EPM Portal Benefits

Here are some benefits of using the portal:

 1) Helps the government keep track of its employees and how they are doing at work.
This Portal makes sure that Employees and their complaints run smoothly.
 2) Benefits from the evaluations of these government employees by their respective reporting and controlling officers

Steps to Register in Jammu & Kashmir EPM

1) Visit the JK EPM Portal Website: epm.jk.gov.in

JK EPM Portal Login

2) Click on the “register/login” tab. Then, it will redirect to the “login” page, and click on the “New User.”

3) Pop-up window will display on the page. You must enter your CPISID and click the “Get Details” button.

4) If your CPISID  is valid, your details will be displayed on the screen. If you wish to change your password, then change and update it.

Steps to Sign in Jammu & Kashmir EPM

1) Visit the JK EPM Portal Website: epm.jk.gov.in.

2) Click on the “register/login” tab. Then, it will redirect to the “login” page.
3) Enter your “Username/ CPISID,” “Password,” and “Captcha code” and click on the “Login” button.
4) Then, it opens a dashboard with employee details displayed on the screen. The Employee must enter the CPIS ID of their Reporting Officer so that the mapping of the Reporting Officer to the Subordinate Official is complete.
5) To submit their Monthly Performance Report (MPR), the employee must go to “Submit Activities,” choose a month from the drop-down menu, and fill out the form on the screen. When they are done, they click the “Submit” button.
6) The employee could see their submitted report by going to “View Activities > View Report” and then choose the month from the drop-down menu in the same window. You can also print the same thing if you want a hard copy.
7)If an Employee is also a Reporting Officer, they can get to the Reporting Officer Dashboard by going to “Review Subordinates.”
8) The Reporting Officer can look at or review subordinates by clicking on the colour-coded cells. The colours mean that RED means the subordinate hasn’t turned in the report, GREEN means the report has been turned in, and BLUE means the report has been turned in and reviewed or graded.

epm.jk.gov.in – JK EPM Portal Login, Registration, Benefits