Jeedikal in Jangaon District of Telangana State : How to Reach & Timings

Jeedikal in Jangaon District of Telangana State: How to Reach & Timings: Sri Ramachandra Swamy Devasthanam is a well-known Srirama Temple in Jeedikal village, close to Jangaon. According to local legend, the temple dates back to the ‘Tretayuga,’ as it was here that Lord Rama, when in exile, is claimed to have shot rakshasa Maricha, who appears in the form of a golden deer, with an arrow. When Maricha begs Lord Rama’s forgiveness and promises to worship him, the latter agrees to emerge as ‘Swayambhu’ on the hillock here in this temple. The Sri Rama’s Paduka’s or the spot where the golden deer met its death, locally known as “Lady Banda“, every edifice, be it made of stone or mud or the pond that’s inside the natural stone rock, throws evidence of Lord Sri Rama visiting With so much to say about nature’s majesty and tranquillity, it became a haven for many Indian sages. One day, Sri Rama’s loyal wife is taken away by a lovely golden deer and asks for the lord’s presence, beautifying the garden of their hut house.

Jeedikal in Jangaon

Srirama Temple in Jeedikal

Lord Sri Rama vows her request by embarking on an expedition to bring the deer alive or dead and abandons Sita Devi, entrusting his brother Sri Lakshmana to protect her in his absence. During the lord’s pursuit of the golden deer, the lord grows tired of bringing it alive and shoots an arrow at it, injuring it and causing it to fall on a rock. After tumbling down, the deer transforms into a person, which enrages the lord, who learns from his explanation that his name was Chitraradha, that he was cursed by Koushika Maharishi, and that he was liberated by Sri Rama’s arrow, and that he praises the lord for his benevolence. Chitraradha requests the water that has been touched by the Lord’s holy feet. Lord Sri Rama then puts his thumb against a small rock nearby and prays to Lord Ganga to flow through it, naming it “Uttar Ganga.” Even today, cleaning the dust from the hole causes the fingertips to become damp. Locals have also noticed that the colour of the rice turned yellow on the temple grounds just when the priests at Badrachalam were preparing “Thalambralu” for Sri Rama and Sri Sita Devi’s wedding.

God also blesses a neighbouring sage who was performing great penance by maintaining the Lord’s idol in front of him and asking him to make a wish. The “Veera = great” great sage requests the opportunity to practise “Pada Seva” (giving prayers to one’s feet) until the end of his earthly life. Lord Sri Rama, pleased with his devotion, grants his wish by surrendering life to the idol he has created and leaving behind his footwear at this location, telling him that this site would be known as Veerachalam. Even today, if you visit this location, you will discover a pond within a rock and Sri Rama Paduka’s under adoration. Even though water is used on the temple grounds, the water level has never dropped or risen throughout history. The temple is located on a pond that never runs dry, even during peak summer.

Temple Timings : 06:30 AM – 07:30 PM

How to Reach  Jeedikal

By Air :

The closest airport to Jangaon is in Hyderabad, which is 80 km away.
By Train :
The closest railway station is in Jangaon, which is 25 km away.
By Road:
Many buses, Local taxis and Autos are available to reach

Jeedikal in Jangaon District of Telangana State