ITBP Pay Slip 2024 – Download ITBP Salary Slip at

ITBP Pay Slip 2024 – Download ITBP Salary Slip at
: All ITBP employees have access to the Himveer Connect System. The user must first sign in to their account. The portal allows users to download and view salary details and personal information after logging in. ITBP provides Himveer login information, which is a personal login. The government has implemented an online platform to help with payroll management to keep track of the numbers. ITBP PIS (Personal Information System), Annual and Monthly Pay Slips, Leave, Allowances, and other online services are available to employees. The ITBP department conducts online services using the ePIS (Electronic Personal Information System) platform.

The ITBP began on October 24, 1962, and continues to this day. The Indo-China conflict prompted the formation. The forces are governed by the CRPF Act and are responsible for safeguarding Indian citizens on the Tibetan border. To date, the ITBP has grown from four to sixty battalions. In 2018, they had 15 sectors and 5 frontiers, which is a new high. They have 89,432 people in their ranks and are hoping for more.

ITBP Pay Slip

Every year, the government recruits new police officers to join the ITBP. The new recruits are prepared to work for various departments within the force. The government has also budgeted for the new errands’ salaries. Allowances and perks are also included. After the deduction, all money is deposited into the personnel’s bank account number. Personnel in the armed forces have the ability to track their transactions and pay slips. The government maintains a website portal where new and returning members of the ITBP can access and obtain salary information.

Steps to download the ITBP Pay Slip

1) Visit the Official Website:
ITBP Pay Slip Download

2) Mouse Over on the Login tab, and then the dropdown list will show. Just click on “Personal Login 2”.

ITBP Pay Slip Download
3)It redirects to the login page. Enter your username, Password, and Captcha, and click on the Login Button.
ITBP Pay Slip

4)You will find the salary slip. Click on it to view and download the ITBP Pay Slip.

That’s all there is to getting an ITBP Pay Slip from your Himveer Connect Login personal page. This could be used as government proof of employment. Ensure you enter the correct login credentials, as five failed login attempts will disable your account for 24 hours. This account can be unblocked after 24 hours if you contact customer service.

How to Get ITBP Pay Slip Password Reset from Himveer Login

Here are the simple steps to reset your ITBP Pay Slip password from Himveer Login Portal:
  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Navigate to the Login tab > Personal Login.
  3. On the login page, select the “Forgot Password” option.
  4. The system will redirect you to the ITBP PIS recovery page.
  5. After that, enter your registered mobile number, regimental number, and security question.
  6. Now, on the page, click the Reset Password button.
  7. To proceed, please create a new password and confirm it.
  8. To access the ITBP login page, enter the number.

ITBP Pay Slip Download 2024