ICICI Bank Whats App services – How to register, check account balance and more

ICICI Bank Whats App services – How to register, check account balance and more: Customers can use the ICICI WhatsApp banking service to check their savings account balance, their last three transactions, their credit card limit, details about pre-approved instant loan offers, and to block or unblock their credit and debit cards. The customers can also find out about the three ICICI Bank ATMs closest to them.

ICICI Bank Whats App services

What is ICICI Whats App Banking?

Banks offer online and mobile banking to connect with customers digitally, but WhatsApp has grown quickly in recent years. In this situation, many of the country’s banks have started offering their WhatsApp services. With this service, you can do your banking 24/7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Below are The services provided by ICICI Whats App banking
1) Instant Loan,
2) FD Payment,
3) Credit Card Bill Payment,
4) Trade Services,
5) Balance Enquiry,
6) Block/Unblock Credit and Debit Card
7) Last 3 transactions
Below the table, We have Provided all the services you can get through ICICI Whats app Banking and some suggestions for what to type in Whatsapp to check the services.
Service Offer Description Suggested Keywords
Account balance Check the balance in your account balac bal

acc bal


account balance

my balance

check balance

my bal

check bal

Last 3 transactions Check the last 3 transactions in your account/accounts stmttxn



mini statement

transaction history

check statement

Credit Card Limit Check the outstanding balance on your Credit Card Get the available credit limit on your Credit Cardlimit

credit card limit

cc limit

credit balance

credit card balance

cc balance

Block /Unblock my card Block and unblock your Credit/Debit Cards anytime, anywhere blockunblock

block unblock

unblock my card

block my card

lost my card

card was stolen

found my card



Instant loans exclusively for you Get details for your pre-approved loan offered loanhome loan

personal loan

educational loan

car loan

bike loan

auto loan

instant loans

InstaSave Open an InstaSave Account (Savings Account) online in 4 minutes instasaveopen instasave account

open ac / open account

savings acc

insta savings

Fixed Deposit Make an investment and save for your future with just a message. Open Fixed Deposits with WhatsApp Banking on the go. Fixed DepositFD
Bill Payment Pay your bills on the go using WhatsApp Pay billsElectricity


Mobile Postpaid

Trade Services Check customer ID & IE code: Inquire about customer ID and import export code linked to the customer account.View credit limit: Check limits of all the credit facilities available with the Bank. Customers can see the limit ID, the total amount of sanction limit, the available limit and the validity of the credit limit on WhatsApp.

Track inward remittances pending for settlement: View all the foreign inward remittances received and pending for settlement.

View inward remittances credit history: Get to know about the credits received through inward remittances.

TradeTrade services

Customer ID

IE Code

Limit Availability

Pending for settlement Statement

Other Services Track deliverablesICICI Bank ATMs near me – Top 3

Branches near me – Top 3



Nearby Stores



track deliverables

estimated time


ATM nearby

ATM around me



bank branch



today’s newspaper

daily newspaper










offers near me

travel offers

dining offers

Who can use the ICICI Bank services on Whats App?

Customers with an ICICI Bank savings account and WhatsApp can use this service. Customers who only have their bank credit card can also use this service to block or unblock it. Even if you aren’t an ICICI Bank customer, you can use this service to find the nearest branch and/or ATM.

How To Register For ICICI Whats app Banking?

Signing up for ICICI Whatsapp Banking services is easy and quick. –
1) Add the number 8640086400 to your list of Whatsapp contacts.
2) Say “Hi” in the chat window to this number.
3) Remember to sign up with your registered phone number to use WhatsApp banking.
4) You can also start a conversation by sending an SMS with the word “OPTIN” to 9542000030 or giving a missed call.
5) The WhatsApp messaging service will show a safe, interactive menu on your phone.
6) Keep in mind that if you start a conversation on the above number, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp Banking.
7) You can stop receiving WhatsApp notifications by sending OPTOUT to 9542000030.

ICICI Bank Whats App services