How to Apply & Check TS Sadarem Certificate Status Online in 2023

How to Apply & Check TS Sadarem Certificate Status Online in 2023: SADAREM stands for Software for Assessment of Disabled for Access Rehabilitation and Empowerment. It is a program started by the Government of Telangana to build a database of people with different kinds of disabilities. The Sadarem Certificate is a certificate given to people with disabilities who have been assessed and registered under the SADAREM program.


The Sadarem certificate includes information regarding the individual’s kind and degree of disability and recommendations for rehabilitation and assistive devices. The certificate can be used for various government benefits, like cash help, disability pensions, and other welfare schemes.

How to search sadarem certificate

How to search Sadarem certificate

On this site, we can search all the details about disabled persons, such as Physically handicapped, Visually Handicapped, Mentally retired and some other categories. For this, a person has to attend the sadarem camp on their premises. The Sadarem camp will normally be in Area Hospitals of the District or Revenue Divisions.



Department Name Department of Rural Development, Telangana
Notification Telangana Sadarem Certificate Status
TS SADAREM Official Website

Steps to get the Sadarem Certificate :

1. Candidate has to attend the Sadarem Camp for their respective reasons.
2. Specialists will check the candidate thoroughly by performing some medical tests to calculate the disability percentage of the candidate.
3. After they are satisfied with the results, they will take the sadarem printout of the candidate and sign on the certificate.
4. After signing the certificate, they will upload it with their ID card to the Sadarem website.
5. Candidates can take a printout of the certificate in MEESEVA by paying some application charge.

Sadarem Certificate Search

To see the details on the website, please follow the below link.

sadarem certificate and online in telangana

After clicking “Quick Search“, the page will be opened like this.

sadarem certificate and online

If the candidate has the Sadarem ID can enter and click on search
and can search by UID No. also

sadarem certificate and online in telangana

If a candidate does not know the sadarem ID and UID, he/she can search for District, Mandal, and village level members of sadarem candidate.

Normally The Telangana state Government issues aasara pension to disabled people if he/she has above 50% disability.

Government orders on Sadarem :

G.O.No.371 dated : 02/12/2010:

Description: Social Security Pensions – Assessment of degree of disability through software – Guidelines for assessment – Issue of certificates – Orders – Issued.

G.O.Ms.No. 31 Dated: 01/12/2009 :

Description: Women Development, Child Welfare and Disabled Welfare Department – Persons with Disabilities – Guidelines for the evaluation of various disabilities and procedure for certification -Comprehensive Orders -Issued.

How to search Sadarem certificate