NRI PAN Card Apply Online & Offline Process & Documents Required

NRI PAN Card Apply Online & Offline Process & Documents Required: A PAN Card is an essential document in today’s digital age. It’s a necessary document for Indians because it’s required for all monetary transactions. A PAN Card is required to file income tax returns as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI). If an NRI has taxable income in India, they must have a PAN Card. We have provided complete steps for applying for NRI Pan Card Online.

NRI PAN Card Apply Online

NRI PAN Card Apply Online & Offline

Eligibility Criteria For NRI Pan Card

Individuals who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for an NRI PAN card online or in person –

1) NRIs who have taxable income in India.2) Someone interested in investing in mutual funds.

3) NRIs buy and sell stocks through a depository or a broker.

4) Individuals looking to buy property in India for reasons other than trading.

Documents Required for an NRI PAN Card

As was already said, NRIs can get a PAN card with or without Indian citizenship. But the list of documents they have to show may be different.

1) The acknowledgement form needs two photos of the same size as a passport.2) A copy of a bank statement from the country where the person lives.

3) A copy of the NRE bank account statement with at least two transactions in the last six months and a valid signature.

Benefits of NRI PAN Card

By getting a PAN, NRIs can take advantage of the following:

1) Most banks make the Know Your Customer (KYC) process easy once you have a PAN.2) an NRI can put more than a certain amount into their account with a PAN card.

3) NRIs can only invest in mutual funds with a PAN, which could affect their long-term financial planning.

4) If an NRI wants to buy a home in India, he or she will need a PAN card.

How to Apply for an NRI Pan Card Online & Offline

Online PAN Application for NRIs

To get an NRI PAN card, you need to take the steps listed below:

1) Go to the TIN website and click “Apply Online.”

NRI PAN Card Offline
 2) Under “Application Type,” NRIs with Indian citizenship should choose Form 49A, and those with foreign citizenship should choose Form 49AA.
3) Fill in any other information, enter the captcha, and click “Submit.”
4) The next page will take you to the application form for an NRI PAN card. Fill it out correctly, upload essential documents and your signature, and click “Submit.”
5) Finish the process by making your payment on the payment page.
After you finish the above steps for an NRI’s online PAN card application, you will get a slip of paper with a 15-digit number. This number will allow you to verify the progress of your application later.

Offline PAN Application for NRIs

If an NRI can’t apply for a PAN card online, they can apply through an offline process.
1) Visit the IT PAN service center or TIN facilitation center like UTI or NSDL closest to you to get an application form that is right for you.
2) Fill out the form, sign it, attach copies of any relevant documents, and submit it.

When you finish this process, you will get an acknowledgment slip. You can use a demand draught to pay NRI PAN card fees.

NRI PAN Card Apply Online & Offline Process