How to Apply for Cheque Book in SBI Offline and Online

How to Apply for a Cheque book in SBI Offline and Online: According to the bank’s website, “You can request a cheque book online.” You can request a cheque book for your Current Cash Credit, Overdraft, or Savings accounts. You can choose a cheque book with 25, 50, or 100 pages of cheque. You can pick it up at the bank branch or apply it online. You can choose to have the Cheque book sent to your registered address or give a different address. The checkbook will be sent out within three business days of being asked.

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Steps to apply for SBI cheque book online

1) Log in to your account at

SBI cheque book online
 2) click the “Requests & Enquiries” tab after signing in.

3) Your computer will open a new page. Choose “Cheque book services” from the list of choices. After that, choose “Cheque Book Request.”

4) Choose the account you wish to request a cheque book. Then, you must fill in other drop-down menus, such as the “multi-city” option, the “number of cheque books,” and the “number of cheque leaves.”

According to the Online SBI portal, you can ask for multiple cheques to be sent to you through this portal. You must contact the home branch to get an average cheque book.

5) When all the information is filled out, click “Submit.”

6) Check that your request for a Cheque book is complete. Select the delivery address where you’d like to receive the cheque book. You can choose between the Registered Address, the Last Available Dispatch Address, and the New Address.

7) Click the “Submit” button.

Steps to apply for SBI cheque book Offline

1) You need to visit the nearest SBI Branch.

2) There, you must speak with the accounts manager. After that, they’ll give you a form to finish. Carefully fill out the form. After you submit the form, you’ll get a confirmation text message at the number you entered.

3) you will receive your cheque book at your registered address after successful confirmation.

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How to Apply for a Cheque Book in SBI Online

How to Apply for Cheque Book in SBI Offline and Online