How To Apply Birth Certificate Online & Offline in Arunachal Pradesh

How To Apply for Birth Certificate Online & Offline in Arunachal Pradesh: The Birth Certificate is one of the most important documents in everyone’s life in India. This birth certificate is a personal document used for the future purpose of applying for the 10th board exams, passport, driving license, etc. A birth certificate is a legal identity from the government that shows the age, sex, or nationality of a person. Nowadays, most hospitals are taking care of this certificate. If you don’t have a birth certificate, don’t worry. We will provide complete information on birth Certificates in Arunachal Pradesh that we know. Before days, applying for a birth certificate was difficult, but nowadays, we can go through a simple process to get a birth certificate.

How to apply for a birth certificate in Arunachal Pradesh

Those who are born in the hospital will have the birth report. They can submit it with their Aadhaar Card and Address Proof to get the birth certificate within 21 days. If the child is born at Home, they may not have a birth report. The parent has to report through an application on plain paper within 1 month of the child’s birth. Beyond 1 month, the registration has to be done on submission of an affidavit.

First, the parent or the person who registers the child’s name at the Registration Office has to fill out the prescribed form available with the Register. After verification with the actual records of the concerned hospital, the
Birth Certificate is issued to the applicant.

Note: In case the birth has yet to be registered within the specified time of its
occurrence, the certificate is issued after due police verification ordered by the
revenue authorities.

Registration Fee for Birth certificate

The registration fee for the birth certificate within 1 month is 5 INR. Beyond 1 month but within 1 year, it is 10 INR. Beyond 1 year, it is 15 INR.

Documents Required to Get Birth Certificate

  1. Parents birth certificates
  2. Marriage certificate of the parents
  3. Proof of birth letter in the hospital’s identity proof (for verification)

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Online in Arunachal Pradesh State

If you want to apply for a birth certificate, the government of India has launched a web portal for online birth registration. We have provided easy steps to apply for a birth certificate online.
1)Visit the Official Website (
Birth certificate Online
2)Look on the left, where you will find the bottom of the login General Public Sign-Up button. Just click on that, and it will redirect to the sign-up page. Fill in the required details like Username, Phone number, State, Village, District, etc. (Below is a Screenshot)

3) Fill in the complete required details, enter Captcha, and click on the register button.
After registration, a Thank You message will pop up with a prompt to check your email ID to confirm the registration.
4) It will tell you to set up a new password for login. Just set it up and sign in once again.
A form will pop up asking you to fill in your child’s name, parent’s name, and location.
Fill it out and submit it.
5) Take its printout and download a soft copy on your computer. Visit the office of the Registrar of your region
6) Get the form attested either by him or the Sub-Registrar.

How to Apply for a Birth Certificate Offline in Arunachal Pradesh

1) Go to the nearest Birth Registration office. Just ask for the Birth Application Form.
2) Fill in the required details in the Birth Certificate Application without mistakes and submit it to the Registrar

If you need more information about your birth certificate, just contact the Registrar or PIO (Public Information Officer) for the birth registration.

How to apply for a birth Certificate Online & Offline in Arunachal Pradesh

If you have any queries about the birth certificates in Arunachal Pradesh, comment in the section below.

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