How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State

How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State, Online Passport Application in Telangana State,  Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State: Are you a student or a businessman or any employee who have to go to foreign for any purpose? Then you must be knowing that you must have a passport. Without a passport, you can’t go outside India. So the problem is how to apply for a passport? Here we are now and we will tell you the whole procedure to apply for a passport in Telangana state. Just read our article, How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State and you will get all the important details and steps to apply for a passport online in Telangana. As you need a passport if you wanna go to other countries for any purpose like higher studies, business meetings, etc. Also, we have provided the screenshot so that easily you can apply for passport online in Telangana state.Here Procedure to get Passport in Online at Telangana State

Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State

How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State:

A passport is a travel document which is issued by a country’s government as a certificate of identity and nationality of the holders at international level. A passport is an essential document for those who are traveling abroad for various purposes like traveling, tourism, education, family meet-ups, business, etc. And in the last few years, demand for a passport has increased a lot globally. So in this article, How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State we will inform you the official procedure of applying for a passport in Telangana state. Also, we will tell you the documents required, steps to apply, etc. here. So now you can easily apply for a passport in Telangana online.

Procedure to Apply for a Passport Online in Telangana:

Step 1. Login/Register on Official Site:
# Login Details:
* First of all you need to apply for a passport.
* So you need to login first if you are having an account already.
* Just you need to give your login id and click on continue.
* Give your password or OTP and you will be logged in.
* Below is the screenshot of login inTelangana state.
Passport Login in Telangana State
# Registration Details:
* If you don’t have an account you can register here.
* Select your nearest office center, like for Telangana people Hyderabad is the best option.
* Give your name, email, date of birth, email id, etc.
* Now give one login id and password.
* Fill all the remaining details and enter the captcha carefully.
* Click register and your account will be created. Now you can log in from the link given at the top.
Registration Details for passport in Telangana state
Step 2: Choosing Application Type
* After login, you will go to the homepage of the application. Here you will get some options like:
  * Fresh Passport / Passport Reissue
* Diplomatic passport / official passport
* Police clearance certificate (PCC)
* Identity Certificate
* Click on Fresh passport and start applying.Step 3: Filling the Application Form Online/Offline

# Offline Procedure: Download, Fill and Upload again
* You can download the form from here.
* Click on the link above and download the form.
* Fill all the details carefully.
* Now upload this file again in XML format. You just need to click the Validate and save button. The file will automatically save in XML format.
* After uploading, click submit and you are done.

# Online Procedure: Login, Fill and Submit
* After login, you can directly go to the application form.
* Start filling the form online.
* Submit all the details carefully.
* Click on submit after completion.
* Don’t close or refresh the browser, as it may take some time.

Step 4: Pay, Book, and Schedule the Appointment

* For both online and offline submission, this is the next process which is required.
* Here you need to book an appointment.
* Choose your nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) by clicking here. Choose the nearest place or give your pin code for the best option.

Locate Passport Seva Kendra in Telangana

* Now click on view saved/submitted application and go to pay and schedule an appointment.
* Now you need to make payment online/offline. Before that, you can calculate your fee for passport service by Online Fee Calculator.
* If you go for online payment, you can book the appointment immediately.
* If you go to offline mode then you need to go to SBI bank and pay the cash using the challan generated. Again it will take around 2-3 days then you can book your appointment.
* After successful payment, you can book the appointment on the date when there is availability to go for an appointment.
* Select a suitable PSK and proceed to pay and book an appointment.
* All the details like your name, Application Reference Number (ARN), what are you applying for, the amount you paid, and the available appointment date.
* After making sure that all the information are correct, click on appointment, payment, and booking in the right corner.

Step 5: Print ARN Receipt and Make to the Center on Required Date:

* Now you can take the print of your receipt containing ARN or appointment number.
* Now Passport Application Receipt will be displayed. This means your application process is completed now.
* Now, with all your original documents, visit Passport Seva Kendra Center on the date when your appointment is booked.

So this is the procedure for applying for a passport in Telangana. Also, the procedure for other applications is same only. Procedure for Diplomatic passport / official passport, Police clearance certificate (PCC), Identity Certificate are same like this only. Just choose the option after login and repeat the same steps as explained above.

How to Apply for Passport Online in Telangana State

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