How To Apply For TAN Number

Hello, Districtsinfo viewers here we have provided an article on “How To Apply For TAN Number” Every Assessee liable to deduct TDS is required to apply for a TAN No. Below is the procedure to apply for TAN. TAN can be applied both online as well as offline and for this, a payment of 65 is needed to be made. The payment can be done in the form of a demand draft or cheque or credit card or net banking or even debit card. To apply for TAN online, candidates need to fill an application form NO. 49B by going to the website called NSDL and fill up the Form 49B. Here is a detailed procedure

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  1. The deductor or collector must fill-up the Area Code, AO Type, Range Code, and also the AO Number.
  2. It is mandatory to fill up the designation of the person responsible for making a payment or collecting tax
  3. The address must be filled up correctly and should be Indian Address only
  4. The payment as already mentioned can be done through various forms like- cheque, demand draft, net banking, credit cards, or even debit card.
  5. The payment must be made at the end of the application. However, those who are applying for Central or State Government and Statutory or Autonomous Body, for them the credit card or debit card or net banking option is not available.

How To Apply For TAN Number

After the candidate has filled up all the details and clicked on the submit button, they will see a confirmation screen with all the information’s as filled up by the applicant. They can then confirm the written information or even edit for before the final submission. After the final submission, they will see an acknowledge screen which will consist of-

  1. A unique 14 digit acknowledgment number
  2. The status of the application
  3. Name of the applicant
  4. Contact details as filled up
  5. Payment details
  6. Space for the signature