Driving License Online & Offline Apply in Telangana State

Driving Licence Online & Offline Apply in Telangana State: A driving license is very important as it can be used as proof of address. As we can see nowadays, the number of road accidents is increasing daily. This is because of many reasons. But one of them is rash driving. Today, many people get driving licenses because of influence. But the government is now trying its best to make some good changes for our people so that these things can decrease. In our article, How to Apply for a Driving License in Telangana, we will tell you all about driving licenses in Telangana. As of now, you can easily apply for a driving license in Telangana. But first, you must have a learner’s license.

Driving Licence Online & Offline Apply in Telangana

Driving Licence Online & Offline Telangana

How to Apply for a Driving License in Telangana:

A driving license is now one of the most important documents in India. It can be used as photo proof by the people. Some people don’t have a driving license but drive bikes and cars. As of now, this thing has become so easy for people. Now, you can easily get a driving license. Also, this will help you in many places. As we know, traffic police are becoming very strict in these matters. If you get caught, then you will be fined. And by mistake, if you meet with an accident and you don’t have a driver’s license, then it will be a big problem. So, in our article, How to Apply for a Driving License in Telangana, we will notify you about everything. 

Documents Required for Driving License in Telangana:

1)  Learner’s Licence.

Proof of address:
  * Ration card.
  * Passport.
  * Voter’s identity card (EPIC Card).
  * Life insurance policy.
  * Utility bills like electricity, telephone bill, gas bill.
  * State or Central Government issued payslips.

Proof of age:

  * PAN card.
  * School matriculation certificate.
  * Voter’s identity card (EPIC card).
  * Passport.
  * Birth certificate.

* Driving school certificate (for transport vehicle driving license applicants).
* All documents about the vehicle to be used for the driving test.
* Passport-sized photograph.

Steps to Apply for a Driving License Online in Telangana:

1) First of all, you must have a learner’s license.
2) If you have a learner’s license, then click here.
3) Now, you need to fill out the forms. 
4) Give your learner’s license number, date of birth, and other information.
5) Select the test center and submit.
6) Then you must choose a slot to go to the nearest RTO office.
7) Give the test, and then it will be decided that you will get a driving license.

Steps to Apply for a Driving License Offline in Telangana:

1) First, you must go to your nearest RTO office.
2) Now, you will get a form named Form 4.
3) Fill this form carefully.
4) Also, provide the documents and attach them carefully.
5) Now, you must book a driving license test slot.
6) Pay the amount, and you will receive a slot.
7) Then go that day on the provided time and slot for the test.

Steps to Renew Your Driving License in Telangana:

1) Go to the official website.
2) Choose renewal of license and click go.
3) Now, fill out the form and click ok.
4) After 10-15 days, you can collect your driver’s license at the RTO office.
5) Also you can download it online.
This is all about driving a license. So you must have a driver’s license, which is very important for your future. 
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Driving Licence Online & Offline Apply in Telangana