Gooty Fort in Ananthapuramu District of Andhra Pradesh State

Gooty Fort in Ananthapuramu District of Andhra Pradesh State: Formerly known as Gowthampuri and later renamed Gooty, this place boasts a rich history dating back to the 7th century, as evidenced by the earliest inscriptions on the fort’s walls. The inscriptions refer to the place as Gadha, meaning Fort, and an inscription by Bukkaraya identifies it as the King of Forts.

Gooty Fort stands as one of Andhra Pradesh‘s oldest hill forts, constructed with durable materials like granite rocks for the fort and fine stone, mortar, and lime for the domes. Shaped like a shell, the fort comprises 15 small forts with distinct gateways. The outer wall with bastions connects these smaller forts. Two prominent structures within the fort include a gymnasium and a barrack. Morari Rao’s seat is a pavilion made of polished limestone on the cliff’s edge.

Gooty Fort

Gooty Fort in Ananthapuramu District

This fort showcases a blend of Hindu-Islamic architecture, featuring various wells atop the hill. Temples such as the Lakshmi Narasimha Temple, Nageswara Swami Temple, Hanuman Temple, Jyothimma Temple, and the Ramaswamy Temple dot the fort premises. Additionally, a Dargah is nestled within the fortification, accompanied by various ruined structures on the upper level of the fort.

How to Reach Gooty Fort

By Road :
Gooty Bus Station is the closest bus stop.
By Air:
Bangalore Airport is located 237 km away; it is the closest airport.
By Train:
Gooty Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Gooty Fort, and the distance from the station is 5 kilometers.

Gooty Fort in Ananthapuramu District