GHMC Non Availability Birth Certificate Application Apply Online & Offline

GHMC Non-Availability Birth Certificate Application Apply Online & Offline: Birth certificates are essential documents that validate an individual’s birth and identity. However, what happens when a birth is never officially registered? In such cases, a Non-availability Certificate becomes crucial. In this article, we explore the significance of nonavailability certificates and the process of obtaining them in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area.

GHMC Non Availability Birth Certificate

GHMC Non-Availability Birth Certificate

Understanding Nonavailability Certificates

A Nonavailability Certificate is a document that confirms the absence of an official birth record at any Birth Department. It serves as evidence that no birth registration exists for a particular individual. These certificates are particularly relevant for late registrations or when the birth occurred many years ago.

Why Nonavailability Certificates Matter

Late Registrations
: When birth was not registered promptly, a Nonavailability Certificate allows individuals to rectify this oversight.

Historical Births
: For births that took place years ago, obtaining a Nonavailability Certificate is essential for legal and administrative purposes.

Process of Obtaining a GHMC Nonavailability Certificate

Hospital Births

1) Hospitals directly enter birth events online.

2) After the Registrar of Births and Deaths verification, citizens can collect their certificates from MeeSeva centers.

Home Births

1) Relatives of the birth person should obtain an immunization card from the concerned hospital.

2) Visit a MeeSeva center to apply for the Birth Certificate.
3) After updating the details, the Birth Certificate can be obtained from MeeSeva.

Late Registration of Births

The GHMC provides a process for late registration for unregistered births. Individuals can walk into any MeeSeva center and fill out an application form for the Non-availability of GHMC Certificates of birth.

How to Apply for a Nonavailability Certificate

1) Create a MeeSeva Citizen login.
2) Visit the TS MeeSeva Official Portal.
3) Log in as a Citizen.
4) Search for “Nonavailability” in the home search bar.
5) Select the Nonavailability Service.
6) Fill in the required details.

GHMC Non Availability Birth Certificate Application