Gadwal District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana

Gadwal District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana: Mahbubnagar district in Telangana has been split into Jogulamba-Gadwal district. The district’s governmental headquarters is in the town of Gadwal. The area of the district is 2575.5 square kilometres. The 2011 Census of India says that 6,09,990 people live in the area. Gadwal town is about 210 km from Hyderabad. The BangaloreHyderabad National Highway 7 makes it easy to get there.

Gadwal District with Mandals

Gadwal District with Mandals

The state of Telangana has 31 districts, and Jogulamba Gadwal is one of them. Jogulamba was made into a district on October 11, 2016, when it was separated from the Mahbubnagar district. According to the 2011 Census, there are 6,09,990 people living in the Jogulamba district, which is spread over an area of 2,575.5 square kilometres. Gadwal town is the district’s headquarters¬†and is a Population of 63,177.
The cultures of Telangana, Rayalseema, and Karnataka are all mixed up in the Jogulamba Gadwal district. The area is in the valley of the Tungabhadra River. The fifth of the 18 Shaktipeeth Temples is in Alampur, which is in this district. The name of this district comes from this temple. Another well-known temple in this area is the Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Beechupalli. Gadwal Sansthan has a long and important past. Gadwal is also famous for its sarees.

Tourist Places in Gadwal District

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in the Gadwal District are Rajoli Dam, Beechupally Hanuman Temple, Gadwal Fort, Alampur Jogulamba Devi and Jurala Dam.

Mandals in Gadwal District

Gadwal District has 12 mandals, and We have listed the mandals below:
Rajoli Waddepalle Kaloor
Ghattu Dharur Undavelli
Manopad Gadwal Aiza
Maldakal Alampur Itikyal

Gadwal District with Mandals