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How to file a cyber crime complaint online in India: The Indian economy is rapidly transitioning to a digital economy. Internet usage is growing rapidly as more people want to conduct business online. As a result, there is an increased danger of cybercrime, and India has a greater need for Cyber Crime Complaints. Additionally, the Information Technology Act of 2008 serves as a governing body for cybercrime.

file a cyber crime complaint online in India

These days, cybercriminals devise new tricks every day to con individuals and steal their money. According to a survey, India is the fourth most frequently targeted nation online out of the top ten. Additionally, every month in India, 12,756 new cybercrime cases are reported. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the process or the procedures they must take if they become a victim of cybercrime. So, today, we’ll go into great depth about how to report cybercrime in India.

Below are the types of cybercrimes reported on the portal

On the portal, there are two ways to report cybercrimes:

Report Crime Related to Women/Children –You can file complaints about online child pornography (CP), child sexual abuse material (CSAM), or sexually explicit material like rape/gang rape (CP/RGR) content under this section.

Report Other Cybercrimes – You can file complaints about several types of cybercrimes under this category, including mobile crimes, online and social media crimes, financial frauds conducted online, and ransomware.

Information Needed to Report a Complaint.

On the website, there are two ways to report a Complaint: Report Crime related to Women/Children and other cybercrimes are both options. There are two ways to file a complaint when reporting “Report Crime related to Women/ Child”:

Report Anonymously – Online child pornography, rape, or gang rape (CP/RGR) offenses can be anonymously reported. No private information is required from you. To enable the police to take the appropriate action, the complaint’s information must be precise and comprehensive.

Report and Track – Fields with a red asterisk (*) are required for this option. Correct and comprehensive details about the complaint must reach the police authorities. You should supply the essential information, such as your name, phone number, email address, the specifics of the complaint, and anything else required to support the complaint.Register yourself initially by providing a name and a working Indian mobile phone. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone. Only 30 minutes are allowed for the OTP to be used. You can report the complaint after successfully registering your mobile number on the portal.

You can report additional cybercrimes such as mobile crimes, online and social media crimes, online financial frauds, ransomware, hacking, cryptocurrency crimes, and online cyber trafficking using the “Report Other Cybercrimes” option on the portal. You must register using your name and a working Indian cellphone number. A One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone. Only 30 minutes are allowed for the OTP to be used. Once your cell number has been successfully registered on the portal, you can lodge complaints by choosing the appropriate category and sub-category.

Documents Needed For Filing A Cyber Crime Complaint

It is essential to maintain any evidence about your complaint. Evidence may include:

1) Bank statement
2) Copy of the email
3) URL of the webpage
4) Envelope (if received a letter or item through mail or courier)
5) Brochure/Pamphlet
6) Online money transfer receipt
7) Chat transcripts
8) Suspect mobile number screenshot
9) Videos
10) Images
11) Any other kind of document

12) Credit card receipt

Steps To File A Cyber Crime Complaint In India

The steps for filing a Cyber Crime Complaint in India are as follows:

Step 1: Go to Cybercrime’s official website:

Cybercrime's official website
Step 2: In the next step, click the “Report Cyber Crime” tab on the menu.
Step 3: Click on the “File a Complaint” button.
Step 4: The person who provided the information or made the complaint must now carefully read and accept all the rules.
Step 5: The person who wants to report something must then register his or her phone number and fill in his or her name and state.
Step 6: Now, fill in all the necessary and relevant information about the complaint.

How to File a Cyber Crime Complaint Online in India