Encumbrance Certificate Download Online in Andhra Pradesh State

Encumbrance Certificate Download Online in Andhra Pradesh State: An Encumbrance Certificate is a legal record that you have to have when you buy or sell a property. An EC assures that the property can be sold with a clear title and that there are no monetary concerns, such as unpaid dues or legal litigation issues. An Encumbrance Certificate contains all monetary transactions conducted throughout the ownership of property and also serves as documentation of legitimate ownership of that property. When you want a take loan from a bank or other financial company, you need an EC because it shows that the property is already mortgaged.

In Andhra Pradesh, the EC is given out by the Registration and Stamp Department through the AP IGRS website.

Details Required to Check EC in Andhra Pradesh

Below are the following details required to download the Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh State:

1) Document Number
2) Registered Year
3) Sub Register Office Name

Steps to Download AP Encumbrance Certificate

Below are the following steps to download the Encumbrance Certificate online in Andhra Pradesh state:

1) Visit the IGRS Registration and Stamps Department website.(https://registration.ap.gov.in/igrs)

IGRS Website

2) The Menu section will see the “EC Search ” option. Just Click on it.
IGRS Website
3) It Redirects to the “e-Encumbrance Service” page. Just click on the “Submit” Button.
Download AP Encumbrance Certificate

4) It Opens the “Search for Encumbrance” page. You need to select “Document No” from the list.

Download AP Encumbrance Certificate

5) Then you need to enter “Document No”, “Registered at SRO “, and “Year of Registration” Enter the below captcha and click on the “Submit” button.

Download AP Encumbrance Certificate

6) After clicking on the “Submit” button, your details will be displayed below.
Download AP Encumbrance Certificate
7) The details about your property will be shown, and then you can click “Next.”
8) You can download both a signed and an unregistered EC.
9) To get an Unsigned Encumbrance Certificate, click ” Select All ” on the page shown.
10) Click on Encumbrance Certificate to download it.
11) Click on the signed certificate option if you want a Signed Encumbrance Certificate.
12) An OTP will be sent to the phone number you gave when you signed up. Enter the One-Time Password (OTP), and then you can download the signed Encumbrance Certificate.

Below is the Video:

Encumbrance Certificate Download Online in Andhra Pradesh State