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Payslip – What is Payslip? epayslip Format, Monthly Pay Slip, and Employee Salary Slip Online. Get detailed insight on your employee payslips or e-payslips. And also, know the importance of your monthly employee payslips and payslip formats. But most importantly, learn how to generate online salary slips or payslips.

Employees receive their payslips or salary slips for every pay period from their employers. These payslips are extremely important because they offer information regarding salary particulars.


A salary certificate provides detailed information about your payment particulars, basic pay, net pay or salary in hand, and much more. Hence, employees should always check their payslips after paying their salaries.

We have included every detail to ensure that every employee knows the various aspects of the salary slip in this article. So, what is a payslip? The following sections can provide your necessary information or the importance of payslips, payslip format, etc.

What Is Payslip? – Explained

So, the first thing that may come to your mind when you hear the term payslips would be, what is a payslip? Therefore, in this section, we are going to explain it all. Hence, the next few paragraphs should help you understand the term payslips or salary slips.

Let us begin with the simple definition of a payslip. Now the term “payslip” itself gives away its meaning. In other words, payslip means the slip or check off your salary payment.

It is a slip that is provided to you by your employer after the payment of your salary. As a result, it is considered a legal or official document that confirms your salary payment.

Payslip Format

Well, the format of your payslip varies according to your employer or organization. Although the purpose of the payslip remains unchanged, there can be differences between the payslip of the two organizations.

Nevertheless, here are some of the general formats of the payslips. Almost every salary slip format includes the following:

  1. Name of the employer or company.
  2. Personal details of the employee, such as name, employee number, and designation.
  3. Basic pay or total earnings for the month and net or salary in hand after deductions.
  4. Total deductions made for income tax, GPF, PF, and loans.
  5. Employee’s work calendar, holiday, and leave information.

Details Shown On Monthly Payslip

  1. Salary deposited for the past and previous month.
  2. The overall deducted amount.
  3. The amount deducted for income tax payment and insurance installments (if any).
  4. The payslip contains the payroll number, month, name of the company, etc.
  5. The payslip contains your name, tax code, National Insurance number, etc.
  6. Gross salary of the month after the deductions.
  7. It also contains the amount to be paid as perks and allowances.
  8. The total number of working days.
  9. The total number of days on unpaid leave.

Components Of Employee Pay Slip

The payslips contain information regarding your salary in particular. But, other than that, there are other details too. To be specific, the payslips contain details of your income and deductions.


  1. Basic Salary
  2. DA (Dearness Allowance)
  3. HRA (House Rent Allowance)
  4. Conveyance Allowance
  5. Other Allowances
  6. Reimbursement


  1. PF (Provident Fund)
  2. ESI (Employees State Insurance
  3. PT (Professional Tax)
  4. TDS (Tax Deducted At Source)

: Let us first examine the details related to your income. Every employee wants to know their monthly income. So, first, look at the details you get on your payslips based on your income.

Basic Pay: Well, we all know what basic pay means. If you don’t, then it is your monthly salary. So, you can check the basic pay that you earned.

Allowances: Other than your basic pay, you can check certain allowances. Allowances for Medical, House Rent, Travel, Dearness, etc. You can check the allowances received along with the bonus that you earned.

Net Pay Or Salary In Hand: Finally, you can know the net salary that you can take home.

Deductions: This aspect of the payslips covers amounts deducted for specific payments. You can check the amount deducted for income tax, loans, GFP, PF, etc. Therefore, on your payslip, look out for the deductions.

Personal Details: Other than your salary particulars, your salary slips also mention your details. You can check your name, employee code or number, designation, etc.

Importance Of Monthly Payslips

Monthly salary slips are important for employees and their employers. Since they are official pay certificates, they hold evidence of salary payments. Therefore, the general significance of the salary slip has been pointed out.

Payment Of Salary
: The absolute importance of the employee salary slip has to be its accountability for salary payment. So, as we said, the payslips are official proof of salary payment.

Employment Verification: It can also verify or confirm one’s employment. Hence, you can produce your payslips, which approve of your employment.

Loan Applications: Payslips can be helpful for those applying for loans. They reassure the banks about loan repayment.

Salary Negotiation: If you are looking for a new job and have one, your payslips can be useful during salary negotiation. Hence, you can negotiate your salary based on your payslip from previous employment.

Income Tax Calculation: One of the important roles of the payslips concerns your income tax calculation. The salary slips allow you to calculate the income tax to be paid precisely. Thus, it helps you determine the refund that can be claimed for a financial year.

Government Subsidies: There are several government subsidies or facilities that you can access based on your payslips.

Check Employee Salary Slip/Pay Slip Online

Generally, every employee provides online payslips with the help of web-based payroll software. As a result, employees can always access their payslips online from the respective portal.

However, certain norms must be followed by employees. Per the general instructions, employees must log in to the portal for identification. Below, you can check the typical login process.

  1. Firstly, employees should open their respective organizations’ login or payroll portals.
  2. Then, when you open the portal, you need to log in. So you should enter your login credentials.
  3. You can then click on login or SIGN IN once you have entered your details.
  4. Finally, once the portal verifies your credentials, it should give you access to your payslips accounts.
  5. You can then view your recent payslips or the salary slip of the past pay period.
  6. If you want to download or print your payslips, you can opt for the options available.

Employee epayslip

Digital payslips or e-payslips can be termed electronic payslips. Unlike your physical payslips, you have to check these epayslips are digital. However, you can download it if necessary.

To get these e-payslips, follow the guidelines or the first login at the respective portal.

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Payslip – Employee Pay Slip Online, Monthly ePayslip