How to Cancel ECS in ICICI Bank Online through Internet Banking

How to Cancel ECS in ICICI Bank Online through Internet Banking: More services are available to customers at ICICI Bank. In addition, the bank offers a variety of savings and loan schemes. To make it easier for customers to use savings and credit, they can now set up a scheduled payment from their account on any date. So we won’t have to pay the amount right away. With this auto-debit, many users don’t have to go to the time bank. Also, the bank will give information three days before the money is taken out.

Due to late payments, this auto-debit can sometimes cost a lot in fees. So, customers sometimes like to pay directly. If a system in the bank goes down, it will take longer to get the information. Payment is late because the customer needed information about how to pay on time. Suppose you have closed the Loan; you must cancel ECS (Electronic Clearing Services ) by going to the bank or online. Otherwise, the small amount will be debited monthly from your bank. We have provided the steps to cancel the ECS/NACH payment online at ICICI Bank.

Steps to Cancel ECS/NACH in ICICI Bank

1) Visit the ICICI Bank Official website:

ICICI Bank Official website

2) Click on the “Login” button, which redirects to the “Login to Internet Banking” page. There, you need to log in with a user ID or Phone number.

3) After the Login Dashboard opens, you must mouse over “Customer Services,” shown in the top right corner. You will see the “Service Request” option. Just click on it.
4) It redirects to the “Service Requests” Page. You will see the option “ECS/NACH Mandate Cancellation.” Just Click on it.
5) Select your Saving Account Number from the Drop Down.
6) Select your Loan ECS Account from the list, mark it on the declaration, and click the “submit ” button.
7) You will get OTP for your Registered Mobile Number. Enter OTP and Click on the “Submit”
 button. Then, your cancellation request will be completed in 1 working day.
That’s all, Folks : )

Cancel ECS in ICICI Bank Online through Internet Banking