How to make corrections in voter ID card online – Step by Step Process

How to make corrections in voter ID cards online – Step by Step Process: The Election Commission of India has begun an effort to correct all voter ID cards that were issued incorrectly. Spelling mistakes or wrong names can now be fixed online. Follow these steps if a voter finds that their name is misspelled or wrong on the list:

Steps to make corrections in voter ID card online

1) Visit the official National Voter’s Services Portal:

corrections in voter ID cards

2) Go to the option “Shifting of residence/correction of entries in existing electoral roll/replacement of EPIC/marking of PwD.”
3) Then, a popup window will display on the screen. You will find two options, self & other elector. Select one as per your choice.
4) Then, your Epic Number will display on the popup window. If you want to change that voter card, click the “submit” button.
5) Then, in the next popup window, it will ask the application for Shifting of Residence (or)  Correction of Entries in the Existing Electoral Roll (or) Issue of Replacement EPIC without correction and Request for marking as a Person with Disability. Select your option and click on the “OK” button.
 6) The Form 8 application will then open on the screen. Fill in the following sections: Select State, District, AC/PC, Details, Submit an application for, Declaration, Submission, and click on the preview and submit button.

Documents Required to Make Voter Card Corrections

1) Any official document, like a passport, PAN card, or other official paper, with the name written correctly should be uploaded to prove the name has been changed.

2) A copy of the government gazette or other legal proof of name change should be uploaded.
3) Here are some documents that can be used to prove your address: You can use your Aadhaar card, driver’s license, passport, food card, bank passbook, or farmer’s ID card. Government workers can also use their ID cards. You can also use your PAN card or the most recent water, power, phone, or gas bill as proof of address.

After everything is done, you’ll be given a reference number that you can use to check on the progress of your application online at the website of the Chief Electoral Officer for your state or union territory. The people in charge of elections will then check the entry. You can pick up your voter ID card at the nearest election office if the verification is successful. Following the submission of proof, it usually takes two to three weeks to receive the voter ID card.

How to make corrections in voter ID card online

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