List of Services || CEO, Andhra Pradesh TheChief Electoral Officerworks under the general supervision and control of the Election Commission of India. It screens the work identifying with the director of Regular Elections and Bye-Elections. This incorporates planning and updating Electoral Rolls, Issuing of Photo Identity Cards to Electors, defense/re-association of Polling Stations, voters’ training, execution of the Model Code of Conduct, the Election Laws, and the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India every once in a while.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer website

List of services provided by the

1) General Elections and Bye-Elections to the House of People from Andhra Pradesh, A.P
incorporates planning and updating of Electoral Rolls
2) The issue of Photo Identity Cards to Electors, defense/re-association of Polling Stations, voters’ training
3) Online application objecting to the inclusion of name in the electoral roll in Andhra Pradesh
4) An Objection to Name Inclusion in Electoral Roll / Delete Name from Voter ID Card List
5) Collect and check your Voter ID throughMeeseva Centres
6) It also provides a List of Elected candidates
7) Interested candidates can also find out the Overseas electors and election laws, judgments
8) Register for a Voter ID Cardthrough bothOnline and offlinemodes.
9) Re-application of lost voter identity card for the new one.
10) Check the voter ID status through online mode.
11) E-Registration.
12) Check your polling station locator
13) Apply, Track & Make Corrections (Online/Offline) in Voter ID Card

      Types of Election Forms:

      There are many election forms listed on the site. Each state is fashioned for various purposes. You need to be careful to get the correct form. The form names are mentioned below:

      1) Form 6 (Application for inclusion of name in the electoral roll)
      2) Form 7 (Registration form for objection/ deletion of a name in the electoral roll)
      3) Form 8 (Correction of Enrollment form)
      4) Form 8 A

        Voter ID Card in Andhra Pradesh:

        Right to choose our body of governance by voting – this historic bit of legislation was a point of reference in the long battle for social equality and a momentous step forward in the movement of our popular government. We call ourselves the nationals of India. In any case, would we be able to truly, considering our careless state of mind towards voting and cheering on Election Day since it is another occasion? Making your choice is perfectly fine as a duty. At that point, why do we keep ourselves down? What’s more, what is the explanation for this lack of care? It could be the absence of mindfulness, ‘having no time, or just a feeling of separation. Calling it selfishness would be harsh, though.

        The right to vote was one of the best triumphs of the hundreds of years long flexibility battle. Presently, revisions happen when the masses request it: in the survey stall, out in the city in peaceful challenges, and so forth. Citizens should remind themselves to remember what is proficient in the past circumstances and set out to do similar, if not more, for the nation in the future.
        Nevertheless, as a free and democratic country, it is very basic to practice this privilege, and the initial step to that is applying to get aVoter ID Card if you have not. Even though the system to get one radically differs from state to state, there are slight varieties here and there. Let us look at how to secure a voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh. the list of services

        1) Apply for a Voter ID Card Online in Andhra Pradesh.
        2) Apply for a Voter ID Card Offline in the AP
        3) Track status in Andhra Pradesh
        4) TrackingVoter ID Status Online,
        5) visit the Andhra Pradesh CEO website( to check the status.
        6) You can check your status using the Application ID or your House Number.