Block Bank Of Baroda ATM Card Online with BOB Net Banking & M-Connect App

Block Bank Of Baroda ATM Card Online with BOB Net Banking & M-Connect App: Now you can instantly Block your Bank of Baroda ATM Card (Debit Card) with net banking Baroda Connect and the Baroda M-connect Plus mobile banking app. These two are the intelligent ways to block your ATM card in case of theft, loss, or other reasons. Check out the steps to block your BOB Debit/Credit Card.

Block Bank Of Baroda ATM Card Online
With its increasing move towards digital and self-banking services, Bank of Baroda allows you to block your ATM/Debit card with Internet and mobile banking, call customer care numbers, and visit the bank branch. Here, we will discuss each process in detail.

Bank of Baroda ATM card Block Through Internet Banking

1) If you have linked your BOB credit/debit card with Internet banking, you can instantly block your ATM card.
2) Log in to BOB net banking Baroda Connect.
3) On the dashboard screen, you will see the option ‘ATM/Debit cards’; click on it.
4) Select the card you must block if you have multiple cards.
5) It will ask for confirmation; click to proceed.
6) Your BOB ATM card will be blocked.

Use Baroda M-Connect+ Mobile App

The Bank of Baroda M-Connect+ Mobile App provides many excellent features, including the option to block your ATM card.

1) Open Baroda M-Connect+ on your smartphone.
2) Log in by entering your PIN.
3) ‘Click ‘Services’ and select ‘Credit/Debit card.’
4) Select the ATM card you want to block and confirm.

Using these methods, you can block your BOB ATM card. However, idon’t don’t have access to these services, call the Bank of Baroda customer care numbers: 1800 22 33 44 and 1800 102 4455, and ask the agent to block your ATM card. The bank will block your ATM card after verifying your information and answering other questions. Remember that once the BOB ATM card is blocked, you cannot use it again and must apply for a new Bank of Baroda debit card.

Block Bank Of Baroda ATM Card Online