How to Apply For Bisleri Water Dealership or Distributorship Business

How to Start Bisleri Water Dealership or Distributorship Business: Do you want to start a business as a Bisleri Distributorship? If “YES,” read this article to learn about the Bisleri Distributorship cost, how to apply, the company’s profile, and how to contact them.

Bisleri is an Italian brand, though. Bisleri is a brand owned by Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd. In 1969, the businessman Signor Felice Bisleri of Italy sold Bisleri to the company. The company, which is based in Mumbai, is also known as Parle Bisleri.

Bisleri is a well-known brand that has been around for decades. It stands for goodness, trust, and cleanliness. It is India’s most trusted mineral water brand and the leader in its field. Bisleri has a strong presence, with 122 operational plants (13 owned) and a strong distribution network of 4,500 Distributors and 5,000 Distribution trucks across India and neighboring countries. For the past 50 years, Bisleri has kept its promise to give consumers safe, pure, and healthy mineral water.

Products for Bisleri Distributorship

Bisleri has been making drinks for a long time and has a wide range of drinks. Before the company bought the Bisleri brand, it made a soft drink called Gold Spot that tasted like orange. On the domestic market, it was trendy.

After making Bisleri water in 2-lit and 1.2-lit packs, the company made Natural Mountain water from the Himalayas. Currently, the company sells a pack of 250 ml and 500 ml of water called a “celebration pack.” This pack is trendy during holidays. The company started selling Bisleri Club Soda in 2011. The company also sells Urzza energy drinks and four carbonated soft drinks, such as Spyci, Limonata, Fonzo, and Pina Colada.

How Bisleri Supports Distributors

1) Sales Team: The Bisleri sales team takes care of partners regularly.

2) Training & Development: Training and development programs are conducted to improve the skills of the sales force.

3) Technology: Set up the IT infrastructure you need so it can change as your needs change.

4) Monitoring & feedback: Systematic ways to measure performance at all levels to improve sales effectiveness. Focus on incentives and pay for performance to get people to work harder. Gave the sales force new tools to make them more effective.

5) Strong Distribution: Fixed shipments based on the distributor’s needs so that sales are lost as little as possible. More distribution hubs to ensure better delivery.

What Capacities of Bisleri Bottles Are Available?

Bisleri offers a variety of packaging sizes to meet customers’ needs. These are

250 ml, 300 ml,500 ml, 1 Liter,2 Liter,5 Liter,10 Liter, and 20 Liter.

Bisleri Distributorship Cost

Cost is the most essential thing to think about when starting a business. You must know how much the inventory and other costs are. The cost of a Bisleri Distributorship depends a lot on where it is. It depends on where you want to serve and where you are.

Undoubtedly, prices are higher in big cities than in small towns. Also, they increase when you have to serve a large area with many people. If you can invest between Rs 5 Lac and Rs 10 Lac, you can apply for a Bisleri distributorship business in India.

Steps to apply for Bisleri Distributorship

1) Visit the Official Website Link:

2) Scroll down to the bottom. There, you will find the contact form. Please enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile number, PIN code, city, and state.
3) Mark “I Agree To Terms and Conditions” and click submit to submit the form.
4) The Bisleri team will contact you

How to Apply For Bisleri Water Dealership or Distributorship Business

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