Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu State – How To Apply & Documents Required

Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu – How To Apply & Documents Required: The birth certificate is an essential official document in India that permits a person’s birth date, place of birth, and parents. It’s required; you can do it for free within 21 days of birth. There is a fine if registration is made after 21 days. Getting a PAN, a driver’s license, and getting into school all require a birth certificate, so getting it as soon as possible is essential. This article is mostly about how to get a Tamilnadu birth certificate.

Applying for a Birth Certificate

Here are the necessary steps to apply for a Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu. The child’s parents or the nearest family member can apply for the birth certificate.

1) To register a birth, visit the Town Panchayat or a Common Service Centre (CSC) of the TN Government. For birth certificate applications in Chennai, go to the respective Zonal Assistant Health Officer or Birth and Death Registrar.
2) The person applying for the certificate must bring the required documents when applying. Typically, this includes proof of the parent’s identity and address.
3) Once you have the application form, fill in the following details: the child’s Name, Parents’ Names, Child’s Gender, Date of Birth, and Place of Birth.
4) Once the form is complete, submit it to the town panchayat or the relevant office. If necessary, provide additional documents as requested.

Required Documents

If the hospital or medical institution has notified the municipality office about the birth, you don’t need to provide any documents. However, if the municipality has not been informed, the head of the family or the nearest relative should register the birth. Registration involves submitting a certificate issued by the person or medical institution conducting the delivery. If the birth occurred in a medical institution, they will handle the registration process.

Application Form:

Birth Certificate in Tamil Nadu State