Belagavi District With Taluks & Tourist Places in Karnataka State

Belagavi District With Taluks & Tourist Places in Karnataka State
: Belagavi is one of the districts in Karnataka state from the 30 districts. Belgaum has been known by many names. These names are Belagavi; earlier, it was known as Venugrama or the Bamboo Village. Belgaum is also the 2nd capital of Karnataka. Under our Prime Minister’s Smart Cities scheme, Belgaum was selected in the first phase of 20 cities, which were only to be developed as Smart Cities. In 2006, the government of Karnataka announced Belgaum as the 2nd capital of Karnataka. Also, since 2006, this city has been a permanent venue for the annual 15-day session of the state legislature. On 1 st November 2014, the government of Karnataka changed the name of Belgaum to Belagavi with the approval of the central government of India. Belgaum has an average elevation of 751 meters or 2463 feet. Belgaum lies in the northwestern part of Karnataka and is the border of two states, Maharashtra and Goa.
Belgaum District

Belagavi District

Belagavi is the largest district in Karnataka. The weather of the Belgaum is awesome. The year’s climate is pleasant, and it is not much hotter or colder. In the summer season, it is not too hot; in the winter season, the temperature remains around 6-8 degrees Celsius. Between June and September, there is continuous rainfall. As in the 2011 census, the population of Belgaum was around 6 lakhs. Belgaum has a literacy rate of 78%, which is great. The sex ratio of Belgaum is 920 females per male. Languages spoken in this district are Kannada and Marathi. Mainly, people speak Kannada in Belgaum. It is a major producer of milk in Karnataka. Also, it has the highest number of sugar industries. Belgaum is one of the most developed districts in Karnataka, with every facility available. It has educational institutions, hospitals, tourist places, etc. Overall, Belagavi is one of the best districts in Karnataka.

Belagavi district has 15 taluks they are :Athni taluk, Bailahongal taluk, Belagavi taluk, Chikodi taluk, Gokak taluk, Hukkeri taluk, Khanapur taluk, Kagawad taluk, Mudalagi taluk, Nippani taluk, Kittur taluk, Raybag taluk, Ramdurg taluk, Saundatti taluk.

Taluks in Belagavi District

Belgaum Taluka Chikodi Taluka
Gokak Taluka Athni Taluka
Raybag Taluka Hukeri Taluka
Savadatti Taluka Bailahongal Taluka
Ramdurg Taluka Khanapur Taluka
Kagawad Taluka Mudalagi Taluka
Nippani Taluka Kittur Taluka

Tourist Places in Belagavi District

The most popular tourist destinations in the Belagavi District are Gokak Falls (Gokak), Yellamma Temple, Godachinmalki Falls, Belagavi Fort, Kamala Basti, Navilutirtha and Kapileshwara Temple.

Belagavi District With Taluks & Tourist Places

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