Bank of Baroda WhatsApp services – How to register, check account balance and more

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp services – How to register, check account balance and more: Bank of Baroda (BoB) is now letting its customers do banking through Whatsapp. Bank of Baroda customers can now use WhatsApp to check their account balances, see a summary of their last five transactions, and find their status. Note that WhatsApp Banking can be used in both Hindi and English. WhatsApp Banking services are available on mobile numbers in India and some international numbers in certain countries. The main benefits of WhatsApp are that banking services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, are easy to use and are convenient for all customers. Everything is safe and sound.

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp services

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp services

Here, we have provided complete steps and services the Bank of Baroda offers.

List of WhatsApp Services Offers by Bank of Baroda

Here are some of the services that Bank of Baroda Whatsapp Banking offers.• Know your registered email address.

• A request for cheque status.
• Block Debit Cards.
• WhatsApp Banking Registration with Terms and Conditions acceptance (with OTP)
• Account Statement
• Turning off UPI
• Check the account balance.
• Obtain a summary of the previous five transactions.
• Blocking Domestic Transactions on Debit Cards (POS, ECOM, ATM)
• Blocking Debit Cards at POS, ECOM, and ATMs for International Transactions
• Registration and deregistration features for WhatsApp Banking
• Ask for ChequeBook.
• Account suspension (Debit freeze)
• OTP verification for important services (Examples is making a request for a chequebook, restricting debit cards, blocking cards used for both domestic and foreign transactions, registering or deregistering WhatsApp Banking, and disabling UPI).

How to Register for Bank of Baroda WhatsApp Banking?

Step 1: Sign up for yourself.
Add the Bank’s WhatsApp Business Account Number (8433 888 777) to your contact list.
Step 2: start chatting.
Send “HI” to this number using the WhatsApp app to start a conversation. By starting a conversation, you’ll show that you agree to the terms and conditions of WhatsApp Banking.

Bank of Baroda WhatsApp services – How to register, check account balance, and more