Axis Bank Whats App services – How to register, check account balance and more

Axis Bank Whats App services – How to register, check account balance and more
: Axis Bank started providing banking services through WhatsApp. The President and Head of Digital Business and Transformation at Axis Bank said, “Axis Bank‘s “Dil Se Open” philosophy means that we are committed to making our services more customer-focused and easier to use by constantly coming up with new ideas. We are thrilled to have reached the milestone of 1 million or more customers on our Whats App Banking channel in a short time. With better customer engagement and faster response times, we can give each customer a more personalised experience while keeping their data safe and private.

Axis Bank WhatsApp services

Axis Bank Whats App services

The WhatsApp Banking service from Axis Bank is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. End-to-end encryption means anyone can use the services, whether they are a customer or not. Here are the services that can be used with WhatsApp Banking:

1. Fixed Deposit: View your FD details, Generate a List of Fixed Deposits, Open Express FD
2. Credit Card: Available credit limit, Summary of credit card and bill payment details, Block your credit card
3. Account: Generate an account or mini-statement, Get your account balance, Order a chequebook, open a video KYC instant savings account, Block Debit Card

Steps to register Whats App Banking services of Axis Bank

1) Visit the official website page:

register WhatsApp Banking services of Axis Bank
2) Enter Your registered phone number and the CAPTCHA code. Agree to the rules and click “Submit” to finish registering.
3) The bank’s Business Account will send you a congratulations message through WhatsApp. It will have a green check mark on its account and say “Verified Business.”4) To begin a session with Axis Bank using your WhatsApp account, you must save this number and send a “Hi” message.

Axis Bank Whats App service