Ashok Sagar Lake, Nizamabad District Its Timings & How to reach

Ashok Sagar Lake, Nizamabad District  Its Timings & How to reach: Ashok Sagar is in the village of Janakampet in the yedpally Mandal. It is about 7 kilometres from Nizamabad and 26 kilometres from Basara. This is on the way from Hyderabad to the well-known Saraswathi temple at Basar. It is a massive reservoir with a beautiful rock garden, an octagonal-shaped restaurant, a swinging bridge, boating facilities, and a children’s park. The garden is 2 acres big and has beautiful landscaping and rock cuts that look good in the natural setting. In the middle of the water is a 15-foot-tall statue of the goddess Saraswathi made of marble. The lake is beautiful, with hills in the background. At the lake, you can also rent boats, and in a few places, the rock garden itself is interesting to look at. Landscaped rock garden with a winding path through the rocks gives visitors an unforgettable experience. There are 18-seater boats and four high-speed boats at the boating facility. There are a few pedal boats that let couples have their own fun. The Ashok Sagar Restaurant is a place to eat inside the lake. The restaurant is known for being friendly and for having an eight-sided shape.

Ashok Sagar Lake

Ashok Sagar Lake, Nizamabad District

The best time to spend at the Ashok Sagar Lake is about two hours. Between 7:00 AM and 6:30 PM, you can go to Ashok Sagar Lake. The place for tourists is open every day. On Government holidays, the garden is closed.

How to Reach Ashok Sagar Lake

By Air

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad is approximately 190 kilometres from Nizamabad.

By Train

Nizamabad is the nearest railway station. All trains travelling through Nizamabad would be required to stop.

By Road

Ashok Sagar is around 7 kilometres from Nizamabad town and is easily accessible by road.

Ashok Sagar Lake, Nizamabad District