Arogya Karnataka Scheme – How to Apply, Eligibility and Benefits of this Scheme

Arogya Karnataka Scheme – How to Apply, Eligibility and Benefits of this Scheme: Arogya Karnataka scheme is launched to benefit the people below the poverty line and above the poverty line by helping them in the treatments for various diseases. The objective of the scheme is to provide health coverage to eligible people and ensure the overall health of the residents of Karnataka

Eligibility of Arogya Karnataka Scheme

All the residents of Karnataka state are eligible for arogya Karnataka scheme. Beneficiaries listed in SECC data are also eligible. Those who have already enrolled for Rashtriya Swasthya Bhima Yojana can also apply for this scheme. Residents of Karnataka who are covered by the government of India health schemes, employees state insurance schemes, private health insurance policyholders, beneficiaries of central government health schemes are not eligible for this scheme. They can avail healthcare with the help of other schemes under which they are covered.

Benefits of the Arogya Karnataka Scheme

All the eligible patients for this scheme will be provided financial assistance up to 5 lakh rupees per year. This financial assistance is for secondary care, secondary healthcare treatment, tertiary healthcare and emergency health care. General patience can get 40% of government package rate which is the limit and the overall annual limit per family per year is 1.50 lakh and this is on a co-payment basis.

How to Apply For Arogya Karnataka Scheme

When a patient goes to a public health institute for treatment, the staff of the institute enrols the patient for Karnataka arogya scheme. Aadhar card is necessary for the enrolment. The patient is enrolled in the Arogya Karnataka portal and ArKID is generated. A card is prepared using this number. The card contains the details of the entitlement of the patient. 


Aadhar and ration card are the necessary documents to get enrolled for Arogya Karnataka scheme. People with Aadhar card but no ration card, are considered as general patients and get the benefits accordingly. Those who have only ration card will be enrolled for the scheme. But they have to produce an Aadhar card or acknowledge that he already applied for the aadhar card. Those who do not have both the documents also can get treatment as per norms in public health institutes, but they cannot get enrolled for the scheme.

Arogya Karnataka Scheme – How to Apply, Eligibility and Benefits of this Scheme