Anu script Tutorials for beginners and Advanced in Telugu

Anu script Tutorial for beginners
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Many software are available on the market, but they have some drawbacks, like needing more font styles, which will not support Photoshop in any version. Anu Script Manager will work in Photoshop, MS Word, and many more. Anu script has more font styles like:

Anu script Font Styles

Anu script Tutorials

The Anu Script manager supports the languages of Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, and inhibits. Multi-keyboard layout supports

Apple Keyboard : 

This keyboard works for Apple computers and laptops.

Anu Script Apple Keyboard

Roma Keyboard 

This keyboard works on the Windows and Linux operating systems.

Apple Roma Keyboard

Telugu Alphabets

Below is a list of Telugu vowels, consonants, and pronunciations to help you learn the Telugu language easily.

Telugu Vowels (Achchulu)
a aa, A i ee, I u oo, U
e ae, E ai o oa, O au
అం aM ఆః AH
Telugu Consonants (Hallulu)
ka kha ga gha Gna cha
Cha ja jha ini Ta Tha
Da Dha Na ta tha da
dha na pa pha ba bha
ma ya ra la va sa
Sa sha ha La క్ష ksha Ra
Telugu Vowel & Consonant Combination – ka ( క ) Gunintam
ka కా kaa కి ki కీ kee కు ku కూ koo
కృ kRa కౄ kRoo కె ke కే kae కై kai కొ ko
కో koa కౌ kow కం kam కః kaha

Anu Script Tutorials for Beginners

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Anu script Tutorials for beginners and Advanced in Telugu