Almatti Dam in Bagalkot District of Karnataka State

Almatti Dam in Bagalkot District of Karnataka State: The Almatti Dam serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it functions as a hydroelectric project aimed at generating electricity, with a target annual output of 560 MU (or GWh). Additionally, it serves as the primary reservoir for the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project. Situated on the boundary between Bijapur and Bagalkot districts in Karnataka, the dam plays a crucial role in managing water resources for irrigation.

Regarding power generation, the dam features a 290 MW power station on its right side. This station utilizes vertical Kaplan turbines, housing five 55MW generators and one 15MW generator. The generated power is then supplied to the grid, contributing to the region’s energy needs.

Almatti Dam

After power generation, water from the dam is released into the Narayanpur reservoir to fulfill downstream irrigation requirements. To facilitate this, the dam incorporates two separate powerhouses: Almatti 1 and Almatti II. These powerhouses enable efficient management of water resources for both electricity generation and irrigation purposes.

In terms of cost and construction, the project underwent significant changes. Initially estimated at Rs. 14.70 billion, the costs were substantially reduced to Rs. 6.74 billion after the management was transferred to the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL). Eventually, the project was completed at a cost of Rs. 5.20 billion, and construction was finalized in less than forty months.

Finally, the dam boasts a significant water storage capacity of 123.08 TMC at 519 meters MSL. However, this extensive storage has submerged large areas in both Bijapur and Bagalkot districts, highlighting the dam’s profound impact on the surrounding regions.

How to Reach Almatti Dam

Traveling to Bagalkot is convenient through various modes of transportation:

By Air:
1) Belgaum Airport offers flights to Bagalkot.
2) Hubli Airport also connects to Bagalkot.
By Train:
1) Catch the UBL SUR PASS train from Hubli to Bagalkot, departing at 13:00.
2) Travelers from Bangalore can take the BASAVA EXPRESS train to Bagalkot, departing at 17:00.

By Road: 

1) From Hubli, take NH52 for a distance of 122.6 km to reach Bagalkot.
2) If coming from Bijapur, travel 83.8 km via NH52 to reach Bagalkot.
3) From Belgum, follow the Bachi – Raichur Highway for 140.5 km to reach Bagalkot.
4) Those driving from Bangalore can take NH 48 for a distance of 529.0 km to reach Bagalkot.

Almatti Dam in Bagalkot District