How to add your driving license to Digilocker – Step by Step Process

How to add your driving license to Digilocker – Step-by-Step Process: The digital era impacts every industry in the country. Digital transactions, whether e-commerce or Governmental services, are here to stay and will work to simplify things for the average person. Because a driver’s license(DL) is a physical document that must be kept on hand at all times, it can be challenging to keep track of and is more likely to be lost. The Indian government has simplified sending their DL electronically to commuters. This article discusses the benefits of connecting your driver’s license to DigiLockerare.

How to Connect Your Driver’s License with DigiLocker:

By following these steps, you can connect your driving license to DigiLocker.

Step 1: Go to the DigiLocker website at or download the mobile app from the Play Store or IOS, depending on your operating system.
Step 2: Sign in or create an account with a username and password if you still need to (an Aadhaar number is a mandatory requirement to sign up for a DigiLocker account).
Step 3: On DigiLocker’s main page, choose “Issued Documents” from the menu on the left.
Step 4: On the new page, click “Get Issued Documents.”
Step 5: On this page, under “Central Government,” choose “Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.”
Step 6: Click “Driving License” in the sixth step.
Step 7: DigiLocker will automatically fill in your name and birth date on the new page. Enter your license number and click the box to say you’re okay with sharing your Aadhaar information.
Step 8: Select “Get Document.” The DigiLocker system will automatically export your driving license from the database and save it in your DigiLocker.

How to add your driving license to Digilocker – Step-by-Step Process

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